Ronaldo Helps Stars To Quit Bad Habits After Dinner

Dessert and sweets were removed from MU since Cristiano Ronaldo returned to the club.0: 00/1: 48 namcrristiano Ronald MU reserves Lee Grant revealed that no players do not eat Dessert after dinner on Friday night, and it's all due to the influence of Ronaldo.Grant Share: "Let me show you an example of his impact (Ronaldo) to the whole team. That's the night Friday in the hotel. As you know after having dinner, and usually on Friday night, we or dessert dessert with a little apple pie, custard, almonds, ice cream or some other things

. But I told you that night that night did not touch the apple cake, the egg cake and almonds. Everyone sat still. A teammate told me: 'See Cristiano What's on the disk? '
We failed to see what was on Ronaldo's plate, and it was the cleanest, healthiest disc that you could be imagined. And that made me understand why not a player dare to stand d Thank to get dessert ". When suggested to speak more about what is on Ronaldo's disk, 38-year-old goalkeeper adds:" I will tell you one of Ronaldo's discs. His plate has quinoa seeds (a nutritious particle contains a lot of nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, iron, fiber, amino acids ...), avocado and a few boiled eggs. Hearing this, that guy (Ronaldo) has an amazing body, just poor at me at the club ".Ronaldo returned to MU in the summer 2021 from Juventus for £ 12.85 million
No need to take a long time, CR7 Has created a mark with a double goal in the debut match, making a successful Mu Lower Newcastle 4-1 in the Premier League last weekend. Maintain a strict diet is one of the factors to help Ronaldo Maintaining the performance as well as a long-term body, despite this year is 36 years old.Theo Do Trung / Bongdaplus

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