Ronaldo Spoke Mu’s Failure And ‘incident’ At Young Boys Yard

Ronaldo scored but Mu still went to the nightmare army in the Champions League. The striker No. 7 spoke after the failure before Young Boys as well as the 'incident' here. The battle was spectaced by a double with a broken Newcastle 4-2 in the Premier League, Ronaldo continued to go away from Head when the Red Devil opened the Champions League campaign.Ronaldo posted a full encouragement message with the image showing that MU needed the cohesion, and Ronaldo made the fans more hard to hear when they continued 'shooting', bringing Mu over Going on the away field on the 13th minute, after the creature of another man - Bruno Fernandes

. However, the Wan-Bissaka was reduced by a red card in the 37th minute to change the face and MU suffered a failure 1- 2 On Young Boys yard, the Red Devils lose to the end of the game, when both Ronaldo and Bruno Fernandes were drawn by Coach Solskjaer from 20 minutes earlier.Solskjaer was extracted by withdrawal Ronaldo and Bruno Fernandes In the 72nd minute to replace Matic and Lingard, the donor of the homeowner's owner decided this was the match that MU with individual mistakes and Solskjaer was criticized about the revenue And how to use the person.Ronaldo is given to not count to the old teammates now the teacher after the whistle
However, on the Personal page he showed a composure of the spiritual encouragement to the whole team.Mu loses but Ronaldo still scored strongly because of his great behavior for 'incident' small at Young Boys. Do not get the result as we want, but now it's time to recover quickly and focus on the next match ".Ronaldo also encounters an unwanted 'incident' on Young Boys and has behaved Score later. None in the start of the start, a shot aimed at CR7's unfortunately walking straight into a security officer that caused her to roll. Ronaldo not only to check the situation soon after. Everything is fine), as well as at the end of the game, giving this clothes to this security personnel and showing off her gifts! LH

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