Ronaldo Uses Old Chinese Phones Despite The Highest Income Of Players

Ronaldo uses a release phone from 2017 and has no intention of running according to the technology (00/1: 46 South Region Forbes has announced the list of top 10 players with the highest income in the year. Notably, Super Cord Ronaldo surpassed the long-term opponent Messi to lead this list. Specifically, the Portuguese star is expected to earn $ 125 million before tax, with $ 70 million among them from salaries and bonuses when he returns to Old Trafford. The world but Ronaldo still uses an outdated phone instead of the iPhone. Fans are not surprised when the Portuguese superstar chooses China Huawei Mate 10 Porsche launches from 2017

. This is a special version of Porsche car company designed specifically for Huawei phone line Mate 10. At the time of launch, the phone costs about 26 million VND.Ronaldo is caught using this phone anytime, anywhere and always placed in front of the car to connect
Ronaldo's phone was quite special with other star players because they often looked to the latest versions of iPhone phones. Not to mention, Huawei's phone is very limited to Google's services and has been released for 4 years. As a mobile phone is what Ronaldo doesn't mind. The 36-year-old star is known for the passion for supercars and willing to spend tens of millions of dollars to enrich his collection. Ronaldo also sorry for the security of security. British media has just caught the image of Ronaldo being executed by the guards to Carrington. The 36-year-old superstar drove the Bentley worth nearly 10 billion dong ahead, following him was the two guards ran the luxurious Range Rover car. The Bentley Flying Spur is one of the most favorite supercars, next to the Lamborghini he drives when he first returned to Manchester.

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