Rosé Black Pink Selfie Stuck With Gigi Hadid, Fans Wanted To Faint Because They Were Too Beautiful

The image of Rosé Black Pink Selfie and supermodel after the party at Met Gala 2021 attracted the attention of the fans. Becoming a global ambassador to YSL helped Rosé Black Pink know how to play shoulders and stars And NTK in Hollywood.00: 00/03: 09 New, "selfie" of female Idol Kpop and Supermodel Gigi Hadid attracts the interest of international fans. One of the rare Kpop stars Appearing at Met Gala 2021, Rosé Black Pink had the opportunity to capture selfie with the top supermodel Gigi Hadidvocal Terminal group "sharpened" with a beautiful mother of Hollywood's beautiful and double players with young actress Talia Ryderrosé Black Pink Be highly appreciated with the second costume to go to the "After Party" event of Met Gala 2021.Naturally set elegant black, crossing the YSL from YSL that Rosé Black Pink wears the rating more beautiful than With skirt on red carpet Idol choose blazer mix shirt with Tanktop Inner Tanktop coating with shorts with shoe heels slingback spearhead two black dresses The wire with the white bow applied on the body of the shirt Rosé Black Pink wore on the red carpet Met Gala 2021 recently evaluated is too normal, nothing prominent

. The skirt of YSL that Vocal group Blackpink wears at the event The cult fashion is evaluated to be so normal even looks pale, so thin shaping of Rosé Black Pink is also a minus point in the eyes of many international audiences

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