‘rose Installation Of Austria’ And All Kinds Of Cultivating Ceremony

In each country, Vu Lan Ceremony is organized with strokes, strangers and differences in accordance with the culture of each country. Unique Vietnam with the ritual 'Rose to install shirt' while the Singaporeans abstain to swim this day ... Vietnam: Vu Lan Ceremony in Vietnam took place in the first half of the lunar month

. On this day, people follow Buddhism to Chanting Pagoda, recite Buddha's recitation, preparing rice rash to grandparents, ancestors, demonstrating their glasses for their religion. Vietnam also has a rite of "roses to install clothes". Those who and their parents are installed in red, Ai parents have lost them white
This ritual to remind your child to be pyrannies, remember about the source, grateful to the beautiful actions. Played: Japanese people calling Vu Lan ceremony is Obon in July and August calendar. On this day, people hung lanterns mean to illuminate, which led the lost souls of visiting the old house and performing rituals to offer lamps for the soul. Here, they will dance Odori dances and send themselves to the ancestors. On the day, the Japanese people returned to the land of the land of land visiting, cleaning the grave, preparing the tray. Ending the Obon ceremony, people drop flower lights posted to replace goodbye as a way to see the soul of the deceased with their world.Malaysia: In this country Vu Lan holidays are also called days Ancestors, or festivals in July people will hang lanterns around the house and outside the street. According to customs, people will stop all jobs, concentrate in temples to pray and celebrate the ritual super linh . Besides, Malaysian Buddhists also organized mass cultural performances in residential areas. China: in China, Vu Lan ceremony is often held from 15-30 / 7 lunar calendars
The ordinary people shop for the tricks to rise to the ancestors. They came to large temples and played rice for the poor. Besides worshiping, offering ceremony, people visited the grave of relatives that were late and repaired, sweeping the tombs. Have a basis of burning yellow code, money paper ... by faith, when burning these items, the soul of the person who lost will receive it, so that the lodies are suffering. Mampuchia: People often call this day Pchum Ben means a meeting. The festival was taking place in September every year, during 15 days and nights. Because they believe that the period of the ceremony took place, the deceased souls would go to his living relatives so they redeemed the mistakes from the previous life. White shirt to commemorate her grandparents, ancestors, as well as offerings to the temple so that the monks sent to the souls of the deceased. In addition, this time people actively do good to accumulate Germany help the ancestors are super escaped.Singapore: Holidays are held on the day of the full moon in July and there are certain ignadants like not shooting Photo, hanging clothes outside the house, whistling or going at night on the street. Swimming during this period is not encouraged. Also, despite being a modern country, but in this day, some outstanding activities are preserved including burning code gold, to the temple, preparing Rice trays or doing a lot of good jobs. Video watching video: How to do 3 heads of the police of Dong Nai province. Source: THDT.Thu Ha (TH)

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