Round 2 Years Of Goo Hara’s Death: The Leader Of Kara Still Doesn’t Have A Sadness

The leader of KARA hidden intention of Goo Hara in a recent article.00: 00/04: 11 days November 24 this year is the 2-year anniversary of the loss of non-troubleshooting female gods goo Hara (KARA). 2 years ago, the audience all over the world was silent when he knew the idol that the idol chose to leave this life to leave the injuries during childhood, malicious comments from the network community and Both the pain from being violent, harassed. Newest, Gyuri - The leader of KARA has posted its Instagram with a short-term image, meaning that they are still constantly hurting and remembering the same friend The group died. "I can't stop thinking about me my dream last night

." The new article of Gyuri attracted attention. Although not directly mentioning the late idol female in his post, Gyuri still caused much The recognition that he was looking for a member of the group of Goo Hara - is also a person that Gyuri is loved. The fans are also sad before what Gyuri is going through
Many people refer to comfort and encourage the leader of Kara, hoping she soon surpassed this pain.24 / 11/1019, Goo Hara was discovered in the house. After investigating at the scene and taking testimony from the familiar people of Idol women, the police side concluded that the idol female suicide, no signs of murdered. It was known, before died 2 days , Goo Hara posted a hidden status line: "Good night". The fate of GOA HARA as well as Sulli, before looking to death, Goo Hara had to live under the words of bitterness, toxicity from netizens - the insensitors hurt the soul of the young girl.

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