Round 6 Years Of Signing Iranian Nuclear Agreement: Tan And Difficult

Toan in the benefits and lack of concessions of the US and Iran, causing the results of the Iranian nuclear nuclear dialogue very close, but still far away from 9: 00/3: 26 days of the day 14/7 marked 6 Years since the Iranian Nuclear Agreement, also known as the General Action Plan (JCPOA), is signed. For more than half a decade, this document witnessed many ups and downs - from the unilateral Washington with a 2017 agreement, Europe's effort, Tehran restarted the nuclear program, to the journey again The negotiating table in the US Vienna under President Joe Biden and Iran under President Hassan Rouhani. Maybe, the number of "6" is not a lucky number with JCPOA: after 6 years, what the deal is achieved is not much. Similarly, after 6 dialogues in Vienna about JCPOA, the US and Iran have not been able to seek the final consensus, while the prospect of the 7th meeting was unclear. Fine President Joe Biden and the person Iran Hassan Rouhani is actively promoting JCPOA dialogue, but the benefits of benefits and lack of concessions are still large barriers

. (Source: Getty Images) However, Tehran still maintains optimistic attitude. On July 12, the Iran Saeed Khatibzadeh Foreign Ministry spokesman insisted that the revival of an Iranian nuclear agreement was "gradually coming to an end". Admitting that there is that the problem has not been resolved, but this official emphasizes this is only a small part compared to the terms that are agreedals
You also evaluated the next journey is not easy and looking forward "The remaining parties can make choices, build an agreement that benefits all". More specifically, Mr. Khatibzadeh affirmed that if the US removes the embargo, Iran will perform obligations as soon as the final agreement is deployed. In the meantime, Washington is more cautious about the results of the dialogue. On the same day, the US Foreign Ministry spokesman NED price insisted that the country would not limit the deadline for the 7th dialogue and decisions in Tehran. But he stressed, every progress of Iranian nuclear program will greatly impact the final decision of the US government with JCPOA. The above statements show that the US and Iran are falling into the "two goats over Bridge ". On the face, both Washington and Tehran want to resume JCPOA. With Hassan Rouhani leader, an agreement to remove persistent economic sanctions, changing the interaction between Tehran and the West, opening the future New for Iran is a legacy to help him separate himself from his predecessor Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, or even the successor of Ebrahim Raisi.In the other side, the White House boss stands in front of the opportunity to complete the promise to bring the United States back Thuan Nuclear Iran
In particular, President Joe Biden believes that JCPOA will be a premise to build a new agreement with stricter terms to control the Iranian nuclear program. However, both the US and Iran have identified dialogue Vienna needs to achieve the result before Tehran has a new president in August. Because, even if the Foreign Ministry spokesman Iran Saeed Khatibzadeh confirms the successor government will commit to implementing JCPOA, nothing guarantee him Raisi, conservative politicians have a tough attitude to the United States, which will promote the process of negotiating this agreement. Other, both maintain a tough stance, decide not to give concessions on the negotiating table.Iran Want the US to unload punishment before performing obligations with the nuclear program. Washington asks Tehran to comply with the agreement and conduct the evaluation before cancel the sanctions. The US and Iran all believe that proactively asking for dialogue is a sign of concessions. Therefore, the two constantly pushed each other's responsibilities, because no one wanted to be the first voice. This made a dialogue about JCPOA in Vienna, though over 6 rounds, it has not reached the desire. 6 years after the signing date, the vision of the historical agreement, changes in the relationship between Tehran and the West, bringing the ending "beneficial to all" is still unfinished. Very close, very far away .

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