Route The Secrets Of Restaurants For Fried Vegetables: It Turns Out By A ‘small But Martial Arts’ Spice Bottle.

The secret to stir-fried vegetables outside the deliciously delicious restaurant turns out extremely simple, every sister can be done in: 00/1: 40 nam south on the culinary forums, sisters share one Extremely simple way but make delicious stir-fry as besides. It is to use garlic soaked oil. It is also a garlic but not a fresh garlic that is a little garlic soaked with oil, creating an extremely attractive aroma, KhienП for your dish is as delicious but the restaurant. The shell, rinse, to take with this spice jar, sisters peace of mind stir-fried dishes always delicious. Garlic sisters made ready, then to stop the refrigerator cool

. Each cooking can be used extremely convenient, saving time. "Garlics are soaked with cooking oil, leaving the refrigerator cooler will eat a few months without being broken," Mi Ka shared on 1 Forum. How to make a garlic soaked by oil as follows: Raw material: 300g garlic (best is to use lonely garlic); Oil (olive oil will give a more delicious taste); Glass jars do: Step 1: Garlic is clean
My sisters use lonely garlic or delicious garlic like Ly Son garlic will be better. Glass jars clean cleans, then to ɾ ɾi Oliu, you can use any type, using the type of pure, the more delicious food will be preserved longer. If there is no olive oil, it is possible to replace it with the food oil, which is groced with a pureer 2: Garlic after being peeled for a mining machine. Crystal, then poured Olive oil flooded with garlic with a tight lid. Soak oil so that the temperature can usually be used for a week, and if to prevent the refrigerator, use it for a month. Only do the number of enough, not soaked so long that garlic will not be delicious, it may not be good for health. Garlic honey and garlic soaked with sisters showing off in Olive Olive culinary forums Quick stir fry saudies, no frying or cooking for too long at high temperature and garlic, many sisters also soaked with 1 honey garlic jars, can treat coughs, very good sore throat during the season this.

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