Royal Sunscreen Magic Skin Is Used By Miss Liang Thuy Linh

Miss Liang Thuy Linh used to impress the community when he posted the throne with the beauty attraction, full of vitality. She always appeared in public with radiant appearance and healthy skin despite Hanoi's hot weather today. So what is the beauty of the beauty of the skin in the summer of this summer, let's find out immediately. Sunscreen of the Sun Magic Skin - Miss Luong Liang Linhkem Sunscreen Magic Skin is also known With another name is the herbal sunscreen, the product is prefered by Miss Thuy Linh called "I said you". A few days ago, Miss Thuy Linh made the network curiously curious with the shares of the healthy skin care secret to the journey to find a sunscreen product

. The scandal of her Miss under the sun 40 degrees below The hot sun in Hanoi was at more than 40 degrees, the Miss Shared she used to use a variety of sunscreen causing the skin to melt oil unpleasant, until she found Magic Skin. Thuy Linh did not stop using the praise of wings for the product because after the time of finding difficulties, she finally found the product "very grown". Sunscreen Magic Skin has the effect of sun protection and skin care, provides moisture and nutrients for the skin
At the same time, sunscreen also helps skin soft, healthy and light, preventing melasma effectively. In addition to Miss Thuy Linh, Hoang Cung sunscreen is also a sunscreen that gets the favorite and choice of many other Misses.Tips using extreme herbal sunscreen from her own Miss owner that manufacturer Also do not know the post-Liang Liang shared, under the heat full of heat in Hanoi, sunscreen is the indispensable scandal of every girl. And the royal sunscreen magic skin is the product she chosen as well as desires to introduce to everyone. In addition, Miss Sharing the secret when using ice cream will appreciate it to produce the product into the refrigerator cooler. When needing to apply to the skin there will be a cool feeling, very likely. The sun against the sunscreen of Magic Skin is lobby to praise "after a week of experience, it is very important. Apply up dry immediately after 30s, the feeling of cool cold right on the skin, smooth and penetrated cream is not revealed at all. Alkaline is good, the spirit used in the sun 3-4 hours still doesn't go down to the tone. Love it !" These are true experiences that are shared by Miss Thuy Linh on the personal page
Kem sunscreen Magic Skin has anything that makes Miss Thuy Linh drunk like Magic Skin sunscreen cigarette guaranteed production with standards 5 No: Non-alcoholic, no aromatherapy, no paraben, no mineral oil, no color color. In addition, the royal sunscreen products of Magic Skin brand are manufactured at the Certified factory with ISO international standards, safe for users. The main ingredient is the main ingredient extract with the main component As a peony extract, the product works to protect skin from harmful UV rays, antioxidants similar to vitamin E. Simultaneously helps reduce signs of aging, soothes inflammation, and giving you one Great healthier. In addition, herbal sunscreen is actually worthy of his name when it is extracted from 7 other natural ingredients, mostly herbs such as lingzhi, root roots, ginseng, Delay of licorice, mangosteen shells, green tea and pearl powder. Licoric roots for sunscreen support effective sunscreen as sunscreen Magic Skinkem Sunscreen Magic Skin is a combined product Between two physical sunscreen and chemical. So, the product contains both chemical sunscreen and mineral sun protection of physical UV rays. This also means it will promote advantages and limitations of physical and chemical sunscreen defects. The first advantage of this sunscreen is protecting skin from both UVA and UVB rays, and has sunscreen as soon as applying to the skin. In addition, it does not cause pores, less irritation skin.Slogan of Magic Skin "Radiant as the sun" The next advantage of Magic Skin is a slight thin cream, not leaving white streaks like ice cream Sunscreen physics and also less skin irritation, causing pores like chemical sunscreen. Add a plus point to the herbal sunscreen is capable of fighting skin burning in summer, helping skin healthy, radiant thanks to the ingredients of rice bran oil and pearl powder. This is a suitable choice for the "picky" skin. Sunscreen Hoang Cung Magic Skinfanpage:

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