Run The Fistets Of Strangers Home, The Fire Girl Finds The Owner And A Unexpected End

Sometimes just because of the 'golden brain' or careless, many people 'bad crying laugh' for forgetting something important or even took the wrong clothes of others.0: 00/1: 56 Southern countries Women's sisters because of their carelessness, causing harmful confusion. That's why the forgotten the key, do not know where to throw away or get the wrong clothes ..

. has become "meal rice" of not few young people. However, it is careless to get a mistake of others It is "shy". The later happened to make many people unexpectedly and laughed excitedly
In a social network post, a girl was "panicked" posted to the help of everyone's help. This is the girl going to the market but subjectively without checking the car soon a circuit home. By the time arresting the place, she found out the discovery of other people's motorbikes. The girl posted the article about his carelessness and got the wrong car. Then the girl later, the girl later There was a car to report to report all information to help everyone help. However, black, although finding the car's owner on the papers, this person said he had sold it itself about 2-3 years ago. While selling only handwritten paper should not have any more information. Finally there was no other way, the new girl posted on the social networking on everyone to share soon to find the true owner. Lasts to go home and she knew this was not my car. After The posted girl has been enthusiastically helped by commenting and sharing widely
Thanks to the power of the online community that the information has quickly reached with the other girl's relatives. Then two people quickly contacted each other to change the car to its own master. Thanks to the enthusiast to help, she quickly found the true owner of the car and swapped. It is extremely charm that these two people are each other neighbors, just a few houses. However, the girl then corrects that when he makes himself a bit confused, not carefully tested. In fact, because the girl's mother went to buy porridge and mistook the car but returned to blaming me so everything was more troublesome. This has been somewhat that reflects the power of social networks, just need Everyone joining hands to help, will bring many great benefits. However, besides, there are no ideas to advise everyone to raise vigilance, where to go carefully to take the ticket to not be mistakenly lost.

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