Runner-up Hoang Oanh Shared How To Teach Children In Vietnamese-west Style

If Hoang Oanh takes care of her carefully, close to the majority of Asian mothers, Mr. Jack's commune is more than 200:00 / 4: 30 South regions Before the complex movements of Covid-19 in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City, Ekip Chat Program with Mother Milk Milkets cannot record directly at the film. In the form of online recording, MC Ngoc Lan and a doctor of Psychology Psychology A has connected online to Singapore to meet a special character - runner-up, MC Hoang Oanh.Veque in the Chat with Mother Bim milk Episode 96, this is also a rare runner Runner Hoang Oanh shares details about the difficult process during pregnancy and premature births in the first without an area beside

. She also revealed life in Singapore and the time almost "lost" himself because they turned on their children. From here, MC Ngoc Lan and TS. To Nhi A has a completely different view of the fun, full of daily energies of Hau
a Hau Hoang Oanh spread through difficult days when giving birth without a husband next to the beside. American husband - Jack Cole held a wedding ceremony at the end of 2019 after more than 1 year of dating. By February 2020, the couple announced that there was good news. In the show, she did not hesitate to "peel off" the phases that show the affection of the Western husband, making her a lot of illness. "My husband was a very reasonable person, when he knew there was a baby, he was very light Yes, will think about future plans. Throughout his day he said he wasn't romantic anything, when he worked at home, he ran to hug a child without touching any piece. I think I don't know if you find me. At night, he told himself to see himself "- Hoang Oanh Humor shared. But the opposite, the husband Hoang Oanh was also a very mature person, responsibility and chose how to show affection through real action. In the last months of pregnancy and the early days of children born without husbands besides, Hoang Oanh has a bit of heart, especially when receiving the news: 7 months of premature premature threatened
"A month lying in bed, I'm very nervous, very sad because there are no husbands beside. Luckily holding a month, the 8th month of the 8th, is also a premature birth and a baby weighs 2.7 kg. Months Head without husband beside you, I am stuck and sad enough. Mother with me to share the song to take a baby, I can't evening my mother. Dark alone hugged me, I cried and cry. Yes The days of his hands hurt to the level of carrying their children. "- She paid attorneys. Thank you, Runner-up Royal Oanh is so hot to wait for your husband. , also running down the 2-month net to complete the file for children through Singapore to meet three. "This time he was tense to lose milk always, but he was still very eager to past her husband. Everyone asked Star of the season that still leads the child, then this is also a difficult decision that requires me to have the most safe preparation for your baby. When your baby gets a few months to go to the plane here to meet three " - She shares. Ong Oanh and I are living with my husband in Singapore. Previously, Through Singapore will not have a supplementary family, MC Hoang Oanh has carefully prepared the spirit of willingness and enough skills to take care of her alone. But the days First start the life where people are not ideal as she thought. "The most miserable date is the last day to Singapore. I have just worked on my house and worked home, don't have time for myself. Every day 9-10 hours I also stood washing cups. At one day I was too stressful, I told my husband to do so, I was not comfortable, without my own life. I take care of me very happy but I don't have to be good for me, I have to be happy to be happy, I will receive a positive energy ". Luck for her is a very psychological husband, soon received Out the problem and also enthusiastically support the wife. Since then, Hoang Oanh gradually gets a balance, regaining her fun spirit and enjoys more life. Hau Hoang Oanh gradually adapted to the new life. Foreign husbands will have much difference Culture, even raising the children of Hoang Oanh couples also different one sky. If Hoang Oanh is careful, closely like the majority of Asian mothers, Mr. Jack's commune has a more way of "dust". Hide said: "I followed my grandparents in Vietnam to take care of her very carefully, afraid of sunshine, Afraid of wind, afraid of falling, taking care of it, and her husband shelves for their children. That's the two differences, I have to find a way to reconcile. The couple also likes and uniformly for a lot of natural exposure, so 6 months is for seafaring, going to the forest, let the child try out everything, confident with the world around and increase resistance "The difficulties, struggling from becoming pregnant, giving birth to a reunion with her husband, to now look back, Runner-up Hoang Oanh doesn't expect having children to make themselves become strong, resilient So so. Finally, Hoang Oanh was a little thrilled when he thanked his mother and his companion, taking care of her a bit once pregnant and gave birth. After the "septic" of Mr. Xa, H

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