Russia-american And Super Bar Aircraft Race On The Floor …

Kazan Research Engineering University Kazan named Tupolev developing super bar aircraft operates on the floor of Binh Luu.0: 00/3: 30 namthong ria led from the Russian Federal Intellectual Property Authority (Rospatent) indicates that the peace flight will include a winged aircraft body, the horizontal control surface in front and rear, a missile motor or a combination of oxygen and sets Creating thrust components will have two gas turbine engines and turn lid of the fuselage engine, as well as having an oval wing mounted through two fuel tanks at the end of the wing Fly. A American superman model model. Developers said that the technical solutions they propose will allow to create a superior machine compared to foreign competitors, especially the Skylon of British Reacines Engines, by increasing the tonnage and reducing the time to take off. Skylon has a shortness of the low performance of the combined engine at a substalign Super low speed, excess weight due to the area of the aircraft wing increased

. In addition, it will take a long time to accelerate and take off from the runway, or even have to rely on the help of the trolley to take off. These drawbacks thanks to the two-stage flight principles. This will reduce the weight filled with fuel at the end and increase the tonnage
Oval wing structure of the thrust will ensure the larger aircraft steep angle and therefore will increase the lifting force . Thus, takeoff time will decrease. At the same time, the two-stage flight principles allow the use of strong engines in the thrust. Ria revealed that the aircraft could fly at maximum speed near Mach 5.This clearly the extremely impressive speed with the aircraft segment can be applied in civil activity and scientific research Russia is growing. However, when compared to the US Binh Luu floor aircraft program by Central Florida University (UCF), the speed of Russian aircraft is significantly more modest than Central Florida University (UCF ) The US declared to be developing engines that can allow flying with Mach 6 to Mach 17 and will be applied in astronaut and civil aviation. Professor Kareem Ahmed, Mechanical and Engineering Faculty UCF's aerospace says: "The discovery of stabilization methods is capable of revolutionizing energy systems and ultrasonic push engines. The system can allow airplanes to fly with speed 6 to Mach 17 "This technology exploits the power of inclined barrier waves - formed using an inclined slope inside the reaction chamber to produce shockwaves for the push engine. Stand still and stable. This technology improves jet engine performance to create more energy, while consuming less fuel than traditional push engines, thus reducing fuel loads and reducing costs as well as emissions
In addition to moving by air faster, this technology can also be used in missiles for space mission to make them lighter due to less fuel needed, flying farther and burning cleaner .Evaluation of the study of UCF and Russia, experts from Popular Mechanics said that if successful, Americans will create revolution compared to Russia and the rest of the world, helping the astronauts Transfer much more favorable. But with the maximum flying speed to Mach 17 cannot be applied to passenger planes. "The human body cannot stand it at Mach 17. This speed is only suitable for making shuttle ships on the universe," This source says.Popular Mechanics adds that, this is the main Is the reason whether Russia announced to participate in the race to develop super bar passenger aircraft can operate in the stratosphere but only limited at the maximum speed on Mach 4. Tuan Vu

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