Russia And Belarus Agreed To Cooperate In Many Fields

Kremlin Dmitry Peskov spokesman in announcement, on July 13, Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Belarus Alexander Lukashenko with a detailed talks and agreed the steps in a series of fields. 9: 00 / 1: 02 nam Damlinian spokesman Dmitry Peskov. Photo: AFP / TTXVNThe, Mr. Peskov said, at the talks in St. Petersburg Petersburg, two leaders have summarized the results of the discussion that takes place earlier within the senior committee with the participation of government representatives

. The two countries have set out the steps in the Fields such as customs, taxes and energy regulations, as well as agreeing that gas prices for Minsk in 2022 are still maintained at 2021. In addition, the two leaders also agree on support Tax-related credit in Russia. Besides, the two sides also discussed a number of regional and international issues
Before, on May 28, Russian President Putin and the partner Belarus Lukashenko also had a 5-hour official talk. Watches with content mainly related to economic-commercial issues and the fight against pandemic Covid-19.Thanh Hai (VNA)

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