Russia Announces Meeting The Estonia Refuses To Grant A Visa To Diplomat

Today (8/9), the official spokesman of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Russia said Russia will take appropriate measures for Estonian diplomat to respond to the refusal to grant a visa for foreigners Russia in Estonia. According to the official spokesman of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Russia Maria Zakharova, Ambassador Estonia in Moscow Margus Laidre has received resolute opposition regarding the next unfriendly step of the Estonian side Leaving visas for Russian diplomats on 30/8. Russian diplomacy. (Source: Tass) Maria Zakharova emphasized, Russia has repeatedly warned Estonia that policy continues to cause stress to force Russia to take proper measures to respond. This diplomat notes that the responsibility makes the escalating situation and the consequences of that completely belong to Estonia

. Ms. Zakharova said that not Russia was the one who started this "visa", but Tallinn, from January 2021, it was completely exposed to Russian diplomat. Before the consulate of the General The Estonian Consulate in St
Petersburg, Mr. Lyatte has been expelled from Russia with an allegation with activities that are not in accordance with the diplomatic regulations. In response to this move, Estonia Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced the third secretary of the Russian Embassy in Estonia from the country. On August 3, the Russian Foreign Ministry announced an employee of the Estonian Embassy in Russia who was "not welcome" ./. PV / VOV-Moscow

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