Russia Bombed The Rebel Base In Syria

The fact that Turkey refused to comply with IDLIB agreements led to a natural reaction from Russia. After the recent meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan, Ankara not only didn't return to real Show your service for Syria's Idlib province, but also transferred soldiers, military gas to this area, building new military bases in Idlib without an appropriate agreement with Russia. In that context, Russian military airline as well as the Syrian army (Saa) is actively attacking the positions of both terrorists and military bases as well as Turkish observation stations, completely Ignoring any statements from Ankara. The image introduced shows that the bases, bases and observation stations of the Turkish troops are deployed in the occupied territory in Syria. It can be seen clearly, the stimulation of the Russian aerospace force aims directly into these areas

. At the same time, the government troops are also actively attacking the positions of the Turkish army and rebels being backed by Ankara. There is no information about the damage that the Turkish army must suffer in activities The latest military Russia and Saa. In a relevant development, early morning on October 7, the Russian aerospace fighter aircraft made four airspace regulation IDLIB, Northwest Syria
The air is aimed at the outskirts of Bsanqul in rural areas in South Idlib, where there is a network of Hay'AT Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS) networks (HTS) in Al-Qaeda. At the same time, Saa fired fired and rockets into Sufuhon towns, Fleifel, Mantef, Al-Ruwaiha, Al-Bara and Kansafra, located in Al-Zawiya mountainous areas, rural areas in South Idlib. Russian and Syria attacks causes great losses in the Hijou's ranks of human resources and matter. Exact losses between rebels have not been identified but can be the most loss since the beginning of this year. This operation of the Russian and Syrian army is likely to be a reaction to violating the ceasefire order , by Russia and Turkey intermediaried last year, almost once on Idlib of HTS and allies. Attending, Saa was preparing for a campaign on the set that could occur in Idlib. This activity is said to be aimed at the M4 highway, connecting the Port City of Lattakia with the city of Aleppo, the main industrial center of Syria. A new SAA activity and allies will almost certainly lead to one Military confrontation with Turkish troops are maintaining more than 60 positions in the region. Ankara was still not ready to give up the area despite Russian and SAA recent fierce attacks on their army. Hoang Van

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