Russia Declared Evidence Of The Us Interfering With The National Assembly Election

The Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman confirmed Moscow information holding evidence of the United States intervened in the Duma election (House of Representatives) of the upcoming Russian country. September 14, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Zakharova said that information from media agencies said Moscow was holding a large number of evidence of intervention in the Russian parliament election of US intelligence agencies and information technology companies is Exactly. "The information posted on the Kommersant is true," Russian diplomat stressed. Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Maria Zakharova. Photo: TasStuyen's father was given by the spokesman Maria Zakharova after the Russian press reported that Moscow was having evidence of election intervention in Russia of the US intelligence agency and the country's technology companies

. Before the same day, the Kommersant cited a diplomatic source saying that Russia holding huge information has not been announced regarding the US intervention in the Russian election. Zakharova notes that, According to the Russian national information technology supervision agency, most IP addresses are involved in technical support for Smart Voting pages, created by Russian opposition leaders Alexey Navalny, okay Located in the United States, and adds that developers are related to the Pentagon. Russian officials, Smart Voting pages are created to guide citizens to vote against boots candidates against boots candidates Electric Kremlin
pret, on September 11, the Russian Foreign Ministry summoned US Ambassador John Sullivan to warn that Moscow will not e To yen any intervention actions on the upcoming parliament election of this country. RT quotes the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on September 10 said that Moscow has evidence "unable to deny Arching "about the American Technology Group violating Russian law in the stage right before the election of the country, is expected to take place on September 17.. Russian officials stressed before Ambassador Sullivan that, Any intervention in Russia's internal issues is "completely unacceptable". American members spent about 20 minutes to meet Russian officials after the summons and leave without answering any Questions of reporters. The US delegation later told the news agency RIA Novosti that the upper visit to discuss the bilateral relations plans under the US President Joe Biden. In that time, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Russia Maria Zakharova announced, Russian election intervention was the "only reason" made the Ambassador Sullivan summoned. Ms. Zakharova also expressed hope that US diplomats will forward the exact information to Washington, and call their previous statements about the issue of being "far away from reality". Duma (House of Representatives) Russia takes place from September 17-19
This is the election to the Russian National House to take place every 5 years. MostCow allegedly alleged Washington to plot to affect Russia through the election intervention. In July, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that the country faced efforts to affect domestic and foreign policies almost daily. Foreign Minister Lavrov criticized the United States wanted to weaken Russia to weaken and "Ready for any concessions". It's on September 10, the Russian Digital Supervisor Roskomnadzor has broadcast to 4 giants American technology, including Apple and Google. These companies are accused of allowing users to access banned sites in Russia, including Smart Voting page. The Russian Justice has considered the opposition of the opposition leader Alexey Navalny is "spy for foreign countries" because Relates to funds from foreign countries. Navalny's organizations later were identified by a court in Moscow as "extreme" and banned from operation. Nguyen Phuong

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