Russia Enhances Electronic Combat Capacity For The Far East

According to Izvestia, the Russian Defense Ministry has decided to enhance the Eastern Military Zone Mi-8MTPR-1 'Lever-AV' latest 'Lever-AV'. The Mi-8MTPR-1 "Lever-AV" Has been tested in the terms of the Pacific coast, as well as on the sea. "Lever-AV" is likely to interfere with any enemy radar - on the sea, aerial and on the ground - in Hundred kilometer radius. According to experts, this capacity strengthening in the Far East region is particularly consistent with the context of a threat from the US missile systems in Japan. Ecomplete electronic combat Mi-8MTPR-1 "Lever-AV"

. Source: Internet related issues, sources in the Ministry of Defense told Izvestia that a decision on the principle was launched to deploy a MI-8MTPR-1 helicopter with Rychag-AV electronic combat system At the Eastern Military Region (VVO). The sources said that the test results of the latest jamming helicopters in the Far East were recognized as successful, according to the Russian Defense Ministry, in those Next year, non-Russian imperial units will receive some additional batches such as known, MI-8MTPR-1 helicopter has been included in the air-conditioned army and air force payroll. Non-Russia in December last year
This helicopter could constantly monitor the air for up to two and a half, pressure to eight radars. Early warning combinations include the enemy's electronic device database. After detecting a radio signal, the system will automatically determine the power type, then the optimal interference algorithm is selected .Hà Linh (TH)

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