Russia Equipped With Super Though Heavy Armored Vehicles

According to Krasnaya Zvezda, the Russian force is equipped with a new heavy multi-purpose system that can drop devices weighing up to 18 tons.0 of: 00/2: 36 nam colonel Vladimir Kvash, heads Aerial training of the Force Commander Although Russia said, with the new versatile system will improve the operational capacity of this force. "Regarding re-equipping forces for the force of all kinds of equipment New military, uniform multi-functional staggering platforms are being created on the UMPP platform, designed to drop whether military equipment and goods weighing up to 18 tons or armored vehicles such as Typhoon-VDV ", Mr. Vladimir Kvash said Russian steel armored with the system even if it was about to rehearse from the air. Various tonnage to drop goods to the area designated with high accuracy

. Currently, the cargo system is applied by PGS-1500 to drop goods with a strong cargo Up to 1.5 tons from military transport aircraft IL-76. The transfer of the means of distorting the latest roads for the parachuting force continues to be conducted
"This year, the force despite the plan to provide two battalions to land without the new landing facilities BMD-4M, Typhoon-VDV ", Colonel Kvash revealed. With the ability of Russia's new generation to show, they can withstand multiple times the current heavy-duty system of the US air force today G-11B has a diameter of 30.5m. To drop a safe Humvee military vehicle from the plane to the ground, each car is equipped with 3 G-11B parachutes. It is known that Humvee is equipped with some devices and weapons, the weight of the car is just over 3 tons. While just a Russian parachute can still safely drop a tank size Small weighs more than 10 tons. Russian military gender said that even against the current Russian PGS-1500 system, the ability of the G-11B is still less far away. With the strength of the system despite heavy systems for military weapons and equipment The reason, according to Mr. Sergee Khurusevich, Executive Director of Technodinamika Company (a member of the Rostec State Group), Russian special units have been equipped with the current top modern modern Storm today.Storm has Can help Russian soldiers parachute from a very low height of 70-80m
According to him, the world has not appeared similar products. The creative idea in the archbishes even though there is a free zipper can be arranged in the plane, without wearing behind the parachute and parachute soldiers, the soldiers only carry weapons and ammunition, and also The system is arranged right in the aircraft compartment, simply a soldier will not be tying much into the system evenly. The use of the Storm system will enhance the flexibility for the staff units or special tasks . This is the only system that allows the unit to join immediately into the battle, without having to land far away from the front line to prepare to participate in the ground.

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