Russia Exercises Zapad-2021, Poland Announced Emergency Condition

Two hundred thousand troops will participate in the Zapad-2021 large-scale strategic exercise, starting on September 10 in Russia and Belarus. Reacting to this event, neighboring Poland has announced an emergency in their territory. Large-scale exercises in recent years that Russian military regularly carried out, always arousing Payment is increasing abroad and becoming the reason for explaining the fears of neighboring countries. For example, the Zapad-2017 exercise, held part of Belarus territory, caused three Lan, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Ukraine doubt these rehearsals are preparing for a territorial invasion of them. Vostok-2018 made Japan fear; The reason is because there is the participation of the Chinese army in the stretch of the center of the center-2019, with the participation of the Chinese, Indian, Pakistan, Kyrgystan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan

. . Its geographical position covered almost the entire south and eastern territory of Russia, until Indian Ocean. Washington is very worried about this, accusing Moscow to put pressure on the countries in the Caspi Sea area
The Caucasus-2020 exercises, in which the Armenian army, as the countries of security treaty organizations Collective (CSTO) involved, nor exceptions. In the context of Armenian Armenian-Azerbaijan conflict, Russian troops near the southern border of the country, caused concerns in Baku, where they were Suspecting this force interferes with territorial disputes. There is also increasing attention and is very worried about the current ZAPAD-2021 exercises. In Latvia, it is said that, due to border exercises with Belarus, it is possible that "incidents" are possible. In Lithuania, for the same reason, they expect "provocative actions" and ask the EU to set up a "response plan". The NATO Secretaryway calls Russia and its parties involved in The exercise, should "accepted in a predictable way" and complained that the Russian Defense Ministry did not invite Western observers to participate in the exercise? To raise the "warning", at the The border area of Poland with Belarus, the country has imposed an emergency during the rehearsal period. This means prohibiting event organizations, simultaneously enhancing police tracking, controlling documents. So Russian western neighbors are scared? With the number of troops participating in the Zapad-2021 exercise was claimed to be 200,000 troops; But most of them will train fighting skills at Russian training zones. The official place took place the opening of the exercise, taking place at the Mulino School of Nizhny Novgorod with only about 12- 13 thousand troops and a negligible amount of armored vehicles (300 units); It is clear that it is not enough for strategic attacks. So there is no reason, to make three orchids to such "sauce" so in general, the Zapad-2021 exercise looks bigger, but its scale cannot be called special
Such general exercises are done in a different form every two years and as Russian defense ministers and Belarus emphasize, essentially only defense. However, every time Russia conducting military exercises, often takes place real fears in both Baltics and Poland countries; where these countries are pioneering in Russia. On the Western media, they have expressed anxiety about the Russian military to conduct "war-winning alarm"; Although this is only the assumption of the rehearsal, with the situation where the country is war or preparing for the war. On the past September 1, Russia has launched a local agoritor, Establish a forces forces encouraging 38 thousand troops. After conducting a vocational order, some of Russia's energetic units were deployed to the Kaliningrad region (Russian border area) and this was done before starting the Zapad-2021 exercise. . The question is why Russia's western neighbors expressed such obvious concerns? If the script of exercises, it is always declared by Russia as a defense, so so so so, the tradition has been suspicious, believing that the exercise can represent an attack deployment according to the The direction of the Lobby Suwalki. However, the Plan Attack on Russia's Kaliningrad area of NATO, was revealed in the press in September 2019, the plan would use the force of the NATO fleet, the air force on board The airport of the American Air Force and Risk Airport. Even with exercises with missile attacks and bombs from B-52 planes on Lithuania. As planned, the attack on Kaliningrad is supported by an attack by a tank of Poland units from the Suwalki area. Does it can explain Poland's fears related to assumptions. About Russia rehearss a prevention attack. But in fact, there will be no attack

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