Russia Fiercely Announced It Would Respond To Japanese Behavior Hard, Threatening To ‘practice Several Games’ In Kuril

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov affirmed that the country will respond hardly to solid Japanese behavior, which constantly responds to the development of the southern disputed Kuril Islands (Tokyo called the Northern Teacher ) .0: 00/1: 31 NAMNGA-Japan domains a dispute in Kuril pants that Tokyo is called Northern Teachers. (Artwork. Source: Voices from Russia) claimed by Russian Foreign Minister was given in lectures "Russian international activities for the development of regions" at Federal Federal General University East in Lavrov notes that these actions of Japan do not help the negotiations between Moscow and Tokyo on the Peace Treaty

. Russian diploma said: "Or we organize some of the episodes Battle there, or strengthen the defense for this route, or someone in the Russian government visited 1 of 4 or all 4 islands at the same time ". According to Mr. Lavrov, Japan's response cannot understand whether Moscow Always harshly reminding Tokyo that the above islands "are part of Russia's territory, has become a part of Russia after World War II, regulated in the United Nations Charter (UN)"
Foreign The Chief of Russia repeated that, Article 107 of the UN Charter regulated everything due to the victory in World War II, which was not modified, and Japan Importing the UN has approved this Chapter. According to the head of the Russian diplomacy, the country needs more positive in the South Kuril Islands, while emphasizing, Moscow is not afraid of discussing the historical truth. , Mr. Lavrov noted, the signing of the Russian Peace Treaty will be a proper decision and the absence of an official peace treaty does not prevent Russia and Japan to establish full diplomatic relations with Regular exposures. (According to Tass)

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