Russia Found Some Missing An-26 Aircraft Fragments

Sputnik led the local source of 23-2021 to know, the fragment of missing an-26 aircraft was found near the Spartak ski area in Khabarovsk Territory of Russia.0: 00/0: 59 South AN AN-26 aircraft "Debris of the aircraft found in the Spartak Ski Area", the source said, "Clouds are dissolving, the vision is improved. Mi-8 rescue helicopter is looking for landing places. "It's that, on September 22, the AN-26 aircraft carrying 6 people on the compartment disappeared from the Radar screen in the area of Khabarovsk 38 km away Southwest. Aircraft in distress while making a technical flight

. The bad weather is said to be the main cause of the incident. The management of the protected areas of Khabarovsk regions confirmed, the fragment of the plane was found from the Korefovsky settlement area in Bolshekhekhsirsirsrsky Nature Reserve 3 KM. According to the Management Board, the staff of the Bolshekhekhekhtsirsky Nature Reserve supported the rescue force to find the way to the falling plane location
According to Sputnik Cuong

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