Russia Investigated The Cause Of Helicopter Accident In Kamchatka

A source from Russian emergency agencies said the authorities was conducting an investigation of the Mi-8 helicopter accident that occurred in the Kamchatka region on the morning of August 12, in which episode Medium to the problem of failure of the engine and the pilot error. The message said that these two reasons are being considered by investigators who are the main causes of mi-8 helicopter. Earlier, the Kamchatka Emergency Agency announced that Mi-8 helicopters owned by Vityaz-Aero Aviation Company plunged into Kuril Lake in Kronotsky Nature Reserve in the context of fog weather conditions. According to the original information, on the plane there are 16 people, including 3 crew members and 13 passengers. Rescue activities are being implemented

. The commercial director of VTYAZ-Aero airline, Mr. Dmitry Chernykh said that the rescue force has saved 8 people and the rest are still missing. The plane is currently sinking under the lake

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