Russia Is About To Test The World’s Most Heavy Supreme Military Aircraft

Bomber bombing named Tupolev tu-160m strategic nickname 'white swans' will be released in December - a source of Russian aircraft manufacturing industry said today (November 29) . Strategic bomber Tu-160.Theo source on, Tu-160M is in the aircraft container and has been refueling. Before the end of this year, it will definitely run on the runway. In the meantime, the director of Russian Unified Aircraft Group Yuri Slyusar on July 30 said Tupolev aircraft company is studying the assembly of a thrister Completely new tu-160m bombs "are made from scratch"

. He also said Tupolev aircraft company is completing the work to produce the second aircraft built from the old TU-160 bomber. Strategic Bomber Tu-160 White Swan is one In the pillars of the long-range aviation force of the Russian Aerospace force. In the meantime, Tu-160M was assigned to attack enemy objectives in remote areas with weapons Nuclear and conventional weapons
This is the world's most heaviest supreme military aircraft so far. At 11/2020, a bomber carrying a strong tu-160M strategic missile is upgraded with the new NK-32.02 engine made The first flight from the airport of Kazan Aviation Enterprise.Theo Thong Nhat Aircraft Group, in this flight, experts checked the general aircraft system and electronic radio equipment In the process of upgrading, at the same time check the operation of its NK-32-02 new engine. Insurance 2020, Tu-160M bomber is based in a US aviation magazine and technology-based technology Go to the list of the most important military aircraft achievements in the world.

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