Russia Is Confident After Zapad Exercises

Zapad-2021 exercises Prove that Russia can prevent any form of aggression and can decisive blow to any enemy.0: 00/6: 43 Moscownga Moscownga and Belarus This has completed the general exercise called Zapad-2021 lasting 6 days, from September 10-15. The Commander of Russian armed forces is the President Vladimir Putin directly monitor the main period of the Russian-Belarus strategic rehearsal in Mulino School in Nizhny Novgorod on September 13th. - Lieutenant General Yunus-Bek Yevkurov affirmed: "The Zapad-2021 exercise has demonstrated that we can quickly form effective combat groups, planning military actions in all directions, blocking Any form of invasion and can hit the decisive blow into any enemy ". Russian president V

. Putin visited the Zapad-2021 practice exercise of General Yevkurov, the military team participated in the execution exercise The skills are present in the planning training as planned in 2021. Russian forces from the Western Military Region have joined Zapad-2021 along with Armenia, Belarus, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia, as well as a representative from the Sri Lanka military delegation.Theo information from the Russian Defense Ministry, Zapad-2021 held at 9 sports in Russia, as well as the Baltic Sea, and 5 sports in Belarus
A total of 200,000 soldiers, about 80 aircraft and helicopters, 760 military equipment and 15 vessels participated in this exercise .Sputnik quoted military experts, editor-in-editor from the entire Defense magazine Russia Igor Korotchenko rated Zapad-2021, showing that the Russian armed forces reached a new height and continued to ensure Russia's security reliably. "The main result of the Zapad rehearsal -2021 is a higher level of Russian military. Many years of patever construction of the army, equipping the army of new military weapons and equipment that brought out results ".Theo Russian military experts, the Russian army is now" one forces Top armed in the world and ensuring the country's security reliably ". He emphasized, in the process of rehearsals held" at the highest level ", the issues related to history Using the latest weapons, gas has been specially noticed, on which experts will make conclusions about mass production and order to provide troops.Nga sends a strong warning Through the Zapad-2021 exercise, the general shock groups have practiced actions in urban conditions. The military expert emphasized, "In general, exercises are held to raise the national defense and security issues of the Russian Federation and Belarus to a new height. This shows that any military actions and the invasion from the outside will fail and the enemy will be defeated. "Sputnik's Sputnik noted, in the Zapad-2021 exercise, Russia tried Tested some new approaches in tactics and some new features of military weapons and equipment
Russia first used the Uran-9 and Nerekhta attack robots in the fighting team in combat units. The robots directly fought in the team of defensive units, "destroying" energy and direction Enemy steel with firepower from rocket systems, infantry spray guns, as well as machine guns. In addition, URAN-9 also supports the mechanical infantry units in the maneuvering process. Cha confidently exceeds the WestSputnik, said that in April, 2021 had news about the establishment of a test unit with Robot on the basis of a research center of the Russian Ministry of Defense. At that time experts have begun to study methods and forms of using units in combination with the robot system. Russian soldiers will be trained on the basis of future research centers that can operate Uran-9 attack robot system in combat units. Also in the Zapad-2021 framework, ton robot combinations Platform-M has been used for the first time to remove illegal armed squads in urban conditions, as well as to attack fixed and mobile goals. Robot Platform-M crawler, equipped with 4 grenade launchers and Kalashnikov machine guns. In the exercises, the Platform-M was deployed to scout and clear the beaches.Nga used many weapons and talents in the Zapad-2021 exercise to the new Lastochka attack aircraft. Used in the exercise to attack enemy energy and destroy armored targets. According to Sputnik, Zapad-2021 shows that Russia currently has at least 3 combinations with unmanned attacks that can be used in attacks targets. In addition to Lastochka, Russia also has unmanned aircraft attacking inokhodets and forpost has been used. First time in the Zapad-2021 exercise, the latest B-19 infantry fighting car with EPOCH combat module was used Use to support firepower for defensive units. B-19 is equipped with self-padded firecrackers

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