Russia Launches S-400 Protection Bullets When Nato Episodes Attack

Russian defense in Crimea has just conducted a real bullet shooting exercise to protect the S-400 system from low-range attack weapons and UAV.0: 00/4: 08 Southern rehearsals are done with the participation of the participation Firecrackers - Non-Pantsir air defense missiles, S-400 systems The same number of other reconnaissance vehicles. According to the Black Sea Fleet spokesman, Captain Two Alexei Rulev, the main content of the rehearsal Currently and preventing the destructive operation of the S-400 system with low-range weapons flying low. Pantsir-S1 system zoom intercept. "Very low flying goals, small hidden is very difficult but it will be difficult In order to combine height as S-400 found it

. This is the reason we always deploy pantsir weapons combinations specializing in near and low-range targets to protect S-400. The episode was successful when dozens of UAV attacks have been discovered and pantsir intervened at a safe distance, "said Alexei Rulev spokesman. The Russian said nothing about why organizing the exercise on this time but according to the military source of the country, the rehearsal is the reaction and the necessary preparation
Because at the Sea Breeze File 21 due to Ukraine and NATO partners performed with the Fathers of 'Attack and Destroying the Anemia-Range Air Protection System on the Black Coast with UAV'. The battle exercise starts from June 28 and lasts until the end of October 10 / 7, with the participation of 5,000 soldiers, 40 planes and 32 ships from 32 countries, including Ukraine, USA and other NATO members. To deal with non-external road threats from the outside from the side from the side Black Sea, in the Defense Strengthening Plan for Crimea, the New Generation Defense System S-500 Prometheus will be deployed in this Peninsula. With the new high-level system, the interceptor team -350 The latest will be deployed in Crimea, the main purpose of this system is said to be aimed at protecting anti-missile defense systems. The implementation plan has also been commanded Military Southern Military, General Alexander Dvornikov confirmed: "These combinations will first begin to be deployed into the territory of the Crimea Peninsula. Take the latest S-500 air defense systems and The S-350 into equipment for Russia's air and air force can also occur anytime in the process of adding weapons ". Also according to this source, the S-500 will not only appear in Crimea, but also in other areas of the southern border of Russia, this shows that this area is in the most important importance is in the context of regularly in front of the provocative actions of America and Phuong West. Alexander Dvornikov added, the basic Russian defense system was completed. In 2019, Russia tested the anti-rocket and satellite system A-235 and launched the new interceptor missile test of this system. Its maximum interceptor range is about 1,852 km, which can create termites Large threat to low orbital satellites and high-level targets
In order to enhance the attack ability of the anti-missile system A-235, some Russian experts said that Russia's anti-satellite rocket Nudol can be developed as part of the A-235 system. Nudol rocket is an upgraded version of anti-rocket systems such as A-35, A-35M and A-135. Russia declares that, will complete the deployment of this anti-missile system in Moscow and the central industrial zone in 2022. On the direction of attacking medium and short-range targets, the air defense missiles s- Russian series is active also impressed equally. Russian military is currently equipped with a large number of non-S-300 air defense systems, the S-300 has a radius of interception between 150-300 km, eliminating range about 25-30 km And the rocket speed can reach Mach 6. In addition, Russia also owns a medium-level aircraft missile system and short range S-350. This system, as well as the air defense missile system S-400, Play an important role in near and middle and middle defense. 3 This system is the three main pillars of the Russian air defense force.When Russia's S-500 prometheus defense missile system comes into operation, it will be able to destroy super bar and satellite weapons On the universe in near orbit. The S-500 can be considered the first generation space defense system and it allows the Russian army to expand the defensive range to the universe. Pieli experts said that the special features of S- 500 is the reason why Russia deployed in Crimea whether there was S-400 and other advanced defense systems.

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