Russia Revealed The First Image Of The New Generation Stealth Fighter

Unified Aircraft Manufacturing Group (UAC), part of the Rostec State Technology Group said, will launch a new fighter at the International Space Air Show MAKS 2021.Trang Novosti July 13 said, a special fighter developed by Russian designers will be officially introduced at the International Aerospace Exhibition MAKS 2021 held at Zhukovsky Airport, Moskva Capital Suburbs This information has quickly attracted the attention of analysts and military experts across the world. Evaluation through the image revealing reflection on the sea surface, maybe this is the fifth generation fighter Su-57 Felon. Unknown what the main feature of the fighter is, but there are guessing comments that, it can be a two-seater version, a motor variation; Or simply an upgrade the second phase engine of SU-57. In the first two cases, because there are no actual prototypes created, so it is likely that Russia will display Their model

. However, this is still worthwhile data for military analysts with a realistic view of future fighters built by Russia. As India, Algeria, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Argentina .
. are expressing special interest to Russian military aircraft. This does not rule out the possibility of a complete property The new series of advanced fighters was created according to its own potential customer requirements. In the latest development, the first photos of this mysterious fighter were announced on the day 15 / 7, this can be seen as the first "open" moves of Russian authorities. In the photos taken at Zhukovsky airport, it is easy to see a unknown fighter, okay The organizer tried to hide carefully with a canvas to avoid curious eyes. It was noted that Russia's latest aircraft was compared to the design of the fighter fighter of the second generation Five Chinese Shenyang J-31, although the appearance of the mentioned aircraft at the MAKS 2021 exhibition is completely not informed. Rostec representation affirmed: "Russia is one of the few countries above Gender has full cycle technology to produce advanced aircraft systems, and is the 'trend creator "recognized in making fighters". "We believe that new products do UAC professionals develop will arouse real interest not only in the country but also in other regions of the world, including our competitors abroad. " Out the plane, engineers planned to use the foundation widely developed in the framework for manufacturing SU-57, including the latest Izdeliye 30 engine, the coating absorbs radio waves, electronic systems Aviation and a weapon complex ".Theo source, new aircraft will have taking off no more than 18 tons, maximum speed on Mach 2 and the percentage ratio on a high weight
At the same time, it will reduce radar reflector signals, super-maneuvers and shorter distance thanks to the motivation of thrust vector.

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