Russia Shows The Mysterious Generation Fighter At Maks-2021

Although the MAKS-2021 exhibition had to go to 20 new opening, however the mysterious fighter fighter was Russia 'row' from a few days ago, accidentally revealed. According to Russia's Avia information Posted, the silhouette of a new generation fighter, appeared on the campus of the MAKS-2021 exhibition. This is very likely to be the next year-old fighter type, developed by Rostec. Now ago, a short advertising film related to this type of aircraft was also announced by Russia. Even so, Russia also asked many questions, said it was likely that the version appeared in Maks- 2021, just the type of modeling model 1: 1, absolutely not the final design

. Here few days, Russia has posted a promotional movie, including the participation of guests Goods close to this force, including Vietnam, India, ..
in the advertising video, "silhouette" of a new fighter model has also appeared. Very probably this will be kind of fighter Next-generation stealth of Russia and also does not rule out the possibility, this type of fighter is produced by Mikoyan Group. This one year, a few images related to Mikoyan's 5th generation fighter prototype was revealed. However, all images related to this type of fighter are just a photo of computer. If these 3D erect images are correct, many new generation fighters of Mikoyan, will is the type of fighter an engine, similar to the J-31 fighter being developed by China. Mikoyan's fighter type is said to have more advanced design than Su-57, cost Operation and production costs are also cheaper, due to using only a single jet engine. In the past, Mikoyan also produced a type of testing machine, which applied many technologies of 5th generation fighters , that is the MiG-1.44 fighter. This test aircraft program has soon been developed by death, due to lack of development funding. This is also considered a great opportunity for Mikoyan Group, when you can provide one Type of reputable and dangerous fighters in the future
Up to now, the Russian fighter export market share, mainly Sukhoi aircraft. Photo source: Avia. Su-57 fighter fighters are pushed to the design limit with extremely difficult flights. Source: Sukhoi. Tran Tran

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