Russia Turns Uran-9 Into A Non-unique Room Robot ‘

Russian military intends to create a short-range short-range robot system based on URAN-9 to better meet future combat requirements. In the coming years, on the basis of Uran-9 attack robot complex, the Russian military engineers plan to deploy a unique short-range air defense system, capable of attacking unmanned aircraft, helicopters and even enemy fighters. Robot protection system is said to have Can work without human direct presence. At the same time the scope of discovering the objective attack objective of the opponent's non-expectation will be up to 60 km. Preliminary information indicates that the Robot air defense system will be equipped with Igla-S or Verba missiles as a weapon

. This allows to confirm the maximum target destination scope will be up to 6 km, relatively short, but this number is quite enough to repel unexpectedly attacks from the enemy. "Based on Uran-9 , the ability to create a robot combination to take on a short-range defense role being considered, Igla-S or Verba missiles can be used as a main equipment weapon for new vehicles, "news agency Tass stated the experts, the implementation of such an ambitious project may take up to two years, but the efficiency that the new generation combat robot is very worth it to invest. But as soon as Information is revealed that there are many ideas that Russia is hard to succeed with the above program, because the current version of the Uran-9 battlefield robot is still not really finished
A report from the Giant Defense Industry Group of BAE Systems has said every disadvantage of the Uran-9 Robot during the implementation process in Syria, making it rush to be taken to the country Fixing errors. Detecting, remote control (Tele-Operation) of very poor Uran-9 Robot, sometimes lost control in a short distance, has no self-processing capability. This is also limited to detection, formatting and destroying enemies if there is no navigation from the remote control, showing it is not a true self-propelled robot. Asphalt road is only 35 km / h and when on a bad road drops to 25 km / h. The ability to protect against fire before the weak fire, the thermal sensor system lacks trustworthy.uran-9 is also considered to be unable to perform support functions in classical combat when the heat sensor system is hard to play Showing the target in the distance of over 1 km. Exactly when the Robot's Robot's Robot is also described as a bad stability - the direction for guns and guns is very poor and completely disrespectful, even Chi can cause casualties for TA.Bae Systems to estimate that the time needed to Russia completely overcome the above disadvantages of the Uran-9 battlefield robot will take 10-15 years, then it's really Ready. Do not see only in the standard version with automatic firecrackers and anti-rush missiles that Uran-9 robots have shown too many shortcomings. In the future, when I have to bring radar, sensor, air defense missile and decide to attack, it is clear that the work is extremely massive
If persevering pursuing, perhaps Russia will give birth The air conditioner version of the Uran-9 battlefield robot, but the time certainly cannot only lose 2 years as what is declared in the press.

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