Russia, Ukraine Closes Some Electronic Money Farms

Recently, authorities in Russia and Ukraine have closed some illegal electronic mining establishments that are said to operate in theft electricity. The underground farms were discovered around the capital of Kyiv and Moscow, as well as in the Russian Dagestan Republic. The illustration. Russia's law enforcement and customs agencies have released a large amount of electricity from the network by Rosseti to be stealed in Moscow Oblast, the area adjacent to Russia's capital. Tass has reported on activities this week, quotes Ekaterina Korotkova from the Moscow Transportation Prosecutor's Office

. The officials explained: "Through an audit that has been unauthorized connection to the grid, electric theft and illegal land to operate the device to implement encryption calculations related to technical exploitation The number ". Fees for illegal consumption electricity used to energize the exploitation hardware are more than 500,000 rubles a day (nearly $ 7,000). Authorities have accepted the criminal case and intend to prosecute the owner of the mining establishment
Hai other electronic money exploitation farms have also been tested in Dagestan, a Russian Republic In North Caucasus. At the end of November, the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper reported that large exploitation was found in a mountainous area. Preliminary data from the survey showed that unidentified operators have caused an estimated loss of about 1 million rubles (over 13,000 dollars). The local police also discovered an exploitation enterprise in Botlikh district There are miners connecting with illegal grids. According to a Forklog report cited the Dagestan Ministry of Home Affairs, the electronic money exploitation farm was established in November, due to a 35-year-old resident in Dakhadayevsky County and stole the amount of electricity worth 257,000 rubles (approx 3,500 dollars). In January, the Law "Digital financial assets" take effect, adjust some activities related to electronic money in the Russian Federation, but electronic money exploitation activities are not within This micro. This year, officials in Moscow have called for recognition of exploitation activities as a taxation and taxation. Underground electronic electronic money exploitation farms are found in the Kyiv, UkrainetRong region at the same time, an agency Ninh Ukraine (SBU) announced on Friday that they discovered an illegal mining facility in Kyiv Oblast. According to the main law enforcement agency of Ukraine, 3 local people have installed some ASIC in the aircraft container they hired in Buchansky district in the area adjacent to the capital. They are accused of using electrical energy worth 3
5 million hryvnia (more than 128,000 dollars). The growing dissemination of electronic money has turned Ukraine to become a leading country in accepting in recent years this. At the same time, the government has been taking steps to legalizing "virtual assets". Although Bitcoin mining is not banned, it has not yet been specified. This year, SBU strengthened the monitoring by the miners of using the country's power supply network, closing some electronic money farms in many different areas, including a large data center in the region. Central Ukraine last month. South

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