Russia Warned The Action If Nato Crossed The ‘red Line’ About Ukraine

Russian President mentioned hypersonic weapons, while response to NATO's warning concerning Ukraine.Nga will pay dearly if any military aggression against Ukraine, NATO and the United States warned Friday 29/11, in the context of the Western military alliance convened to discuss the potential motives of Moscow in the army concentrated near the border Ukraine.Truoc this information, President Vladimir Putin also warned that Moscow will not stand if the US-led NATO missile system deployment in Ukraine - has a range with Russian President Vladimir Putin to Moscow.Tong. Photo: EPAUkraine - countries expressed their desire to join the European Union and NATO, which became the focus of conflict between Russia and the West

. The relationship has become the worst in three decades since the Cold War after thuc.Chia told reporters the meeting on 29/11, with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, said US Secretary Antony Blinken dad: "any action escalation of Russia will be a major concern for the United states and any act of aggression new will also cause serious consequences." Meanwhile, Britain and Germany also reaffirmed to warn the British Minister Liz Truss NATO
Ngoai said: "We will join the companion democracy activities against Russia's bad." Meanwhile, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said: "The support of NATO for Ukraine is not interrupted ... Russia will pay dearly for any form of aggression does." Tensions have increased for several weeks, while Russia, Ukraine and NATO consecutive organize military exercises and other accused as "the invasion". Before quoting "that line" of Russia to Ukraine, Putin has affirmed that Moscow would respond if the NATO deployment of missile systems advanced in the land of neighboring countries. "Set theory what happens when appeared the weapon systems on the territory of Ukraine's attack, with the time approaching to Moscow 7-10 minutes and 5 minutes for hypersonic weapons, "the Kremlin leader said." We must what to do in a scenario like that? in fact, Russia can immediately make the same move against those who threaten us, "Putin said, referring to the weapons testing hypersonic near Russian here - expect a negative rate 9 times thanh.Tai 2-day talks in Latvia, NATO foreign ministers debated the threat is increasing from Russia, which Mr
Blinken share Washington's intelligence information related to problems Ukraine Denys Shmygal message.This minister accused Russia of trying to overthrow the democratically elected government in Kyiv key - something the Kremlin denies, after T Catheters Ukraine last week confirmed "an attempted coup". The Prime Minister also said that Ukraine will Shmygal resorted to source weapons from My.Nga merger in the Black Sea Crimean peninsula from Ukraine in 2014 and then backed the rebels against government forces in the east of the country. According to Kyiv, the conflict has caused 14,000 deaths and is still happening sound i.Hoi May, Western officials said Russian troops at the border of Ukraine up to 100,000 people - the largest number since this country took over the Crimea. Ukraine said more than 90,000 people currently do.Moscow dismissed concerns about the possibility of Ukraine Russia preparing attacks, said they did not threaten any of the British ai.Cam

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