Russia Warns About The Worst Scenario In Relations With The United States

Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov commented on the US House of Representatives through the Law on Defense Policy, including new limitations for Moscow. American Academy through the Defense Policy Bills, including New restrictions for Moscow. Photo: Tasstheo Kremlin spokesman, the US through new sanctions for Russia will be the worst scenario that can happen to the relationship between the two countries. Moreover, it will wipe out "the spirit of Geneva". "The bill does not have to go through many repetitions and then, the question will set out whether the government [United States] has listened to contact recommendations It is important to this sanctions or not

. However, it will be the worst situation for our relationship. It will erase the "Spirit of Geneva" (Russian-American Summit in Geneva - Tass ) And any ray hope for resuming the actually dialogue that appeared after the Geneva summit, "Peskov pointed out. When I was asked if the new sanctions were really given or not , Mr
Peskov notes that predicting Washington's steps is not the Kremlin's work. "Perhaps, the forecast does not depend on us. It is clear that the United States MPs are still craving to impose different sanctions," he added. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov . Photo: Tashom Thursday, the US House of Representatives approved the Law on Defense Policy for the next fiscal year, as well as a legislative initiative to ask the BIDEN government to consider the sanctioning ability 35 Russian citizens, including Government members, large entrepreneurs, public figures and journalists. A other initiative banned Americans to buy new Russian government bonds not only in the primary market but also in the secondary market to Responding to forcing Russia interfering with the US election.After the US Senate through its own version of this bill (different from the supermosal version), a committee of the National Assembly will meet to agree The details of the two documents and shall be voted in both parliamentary institutes. This process can take several months. Minh (According to Tass)

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