Russia Warns The Risk Of Conflict With The Us In Europe

Russia warned the US did not bring super-overpassing missiles to Europe to prevent the risk of increasing stress, even conflicts between the two sides. Tsirkon fire is fired from the Gorshkov admiral ship. Photo: Tass "Ability to any superposition that can be deployed to Europe will also cause serious instability. The short flight time of this weapon will make Russia very little, or without time Considering the decision and thereby increasing the risk of conflict ", the Russian Embassy in the US on 20/7 warnings, according to Tass.Pathemaries are given in the context of super-ball weapons - Gas samples Currently, Russia is able to pay for the military, becoming a new source of stress between Moscow and Washington

. 19/7, Russia Ministry of Defense announced the new generation warship Admiral Gorshkov had successfully tested the name Super Fire Extermination Tsirkon (Zircon) in Barents Sea. Rocket reached 8,575 km / hour and hit the target of about 350 km. When asked about the Russian launch, John Kirby spokesman said that the superpectical fleet exceeds can cause instability and set out of great risk because it was likely to carry nuclear warheads
American officials also said that the country is developing super-similar sound weapons and affirming that the NATO ally holds commitment to deterrent, promoting stable Dinh in Europe.Theo Defensenews, a weapon will be classified as a superposition if they have a speed greater than 5 times the sound, Mach 5, more than 6,000km / h. In addition to Tsircon, Russia owns a number of other superpectical weapons equipped on fighters and bullets of ballistic missiles. Nearly, American officials and experts acknowledge they lag behind Russia The field of this weapon, Moscow is still concerned that the risk of Washington can deploy super-flying weapons to Europe in the future will break the strategy balance in the area.

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