Russian Aircraft Sprayed Fire When And Had An Eager

A passenger on a flight from Cuba to Moskva (Russia) recorded the image of the right motor sprouting after the plane and right a eagle dinner at a place to take off.02: 00/1: 13 namtheo RT RT, Russian Azur Air's ZF 556 number flight is leaving the famous tourist destination Varadero of Cuba on September 24, the incident occurs. A Russian tourist is filming when the Boeing-767-300 Preparing to take off from the airport shows the moment two eagle bumps and right-wing aircraft.Video the fire spray aircraft engine after and must be birds (Source: RT): 00: 00/00: 17 Going to the wing, was knocked down in the air, while the other rushed into the engine, causing fire. Russian media also said that there was another eagle hitting the aircraft, causing this part to damage a seriously damaged aircraft, so the flight was destroyed immediately

. The aircraft also exploded tires due to emergency braking. Azur Air spokesman said: "The incident occurred while the ZF 556 flight was taking off. To ensure safety, the flight was canceled and returned to a safe parking area
"No one was injured in the mentioned incident. A spare plane was adopted to Varadero to welcome passengers. Temporary travelers are arranged at a local hotel to wait for the plane.

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