Russian – American Relations: Dialogue Format, Strategic Stability

Although Russian and American leaders have committed to reducing stress, strengthening dialogue towards a common goal of stabilizing strategy, but the relationship between two nuclear powers still witnessed the caves of spirituality Activated, suggesting easier to do in the approach of many differences. Both kept the 'players' to compete strategy as well as ensure national interests. American President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin in the meeting in Geneva, June 16. (Photo: AP) In order to implement the commitment to be launched at a high-level meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and American co-star Joe Biden in Geneva (Switzerland) in mid-June, Vice Minister of Russian Sergei Ryabkov This said, Moskva hopes to conduct the first round of negotiations with the US to stabilize the strategy before the end of July in the form of intervention. Moskva hopes this negotiation process will become a dialogue dialogue between the two countries

. Although Russian and American leaders have expressed their desire to understand each other, between Russia and the United States existed many disagreements. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov emphasized, any US intention to dialogue to Russia "on strengths" will fail and MOSKVA will respond hard to unwilling actions. The Russian side confirmed Moskva's tough stance in the issues, including Ukraine
Russia stressed not to exclude Washington's participation in resolving the conflict in the Donbass region, eastern Ukraine, but this depends on which officials are assigned to do the US coordinator on this issue. Russian hard claims are given in the context of the situation in the Sea of the Denium that continues to increase the stress between Russia with NATO. The two sides were carried out in parallel with two large-scale military exercises. The Sea Breeze exercise (sea breeze) 2021 due to NATO, Ukraine and partners conducted in the Sea and South Ukraine with the participation of more than 30 countries, the biggest exercise that happened. Russia calls this as a "muscle tendon game" and the North Atlantic block is deliberately blowing the situation along the border with Russia, increasing the risk of armed conflict. Moscow announced that it would react to the situation to ensure Russian military security if needed. The normal state of the Russian relationship in Russia - America is a problem not easily because either side still exists Assign a series of issues such as progressive network, retaliation, but the dialogue and cooperation between the two sides to stabilize the strategy are essential, because of the security of the region and the world.

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