Russian-american Relationship Unexpectedly ‘promoted’?

US President Joe Biden urged Russian co-author Vladimir Putin to act blocking the group of criminal attacks from Russia during the telephone war on 9-7.0: 00/1: 45 South Vietnam is a public discussion Fairy of the two leaders since the summit in Geneva last month. However, the Kremlin said the US agencies still have not given any official call in the previous month involving recent network attacks. Biden said: "I said very well He that America hopes once there is a malicious code attacking activity from his country - whether not being backed by the state - we hope he acts and we have also provided him enough News to act. "American President Joe Biden and President Russian Putin at the first summit between two leaders in Geneva, Switzerland, on June 16

. Photo: Aptheo CNN Radio, American leader optimistic adds: "Now, we have set up regular communication facilities to be able to contact each other when each of us thinks something is Occurs in enemy countries ". White house said:" President Biden reaffirmed the US will perform any necessary actions to protect its important people and infrastructure before challenges Taking place ". Also on September 9, President Biden said the targeting of Russian network criminals used in response is a reasonable thing
A declaration of the Kremlin is published together The day showed that the two leaders discussed the necessity of essential and constructive cooperation between Russia and the United States on issues related to network security. But the announcement also showed that the US did not give any official call to Russia for recent network attacks. Putin on the same day said network security cooperation between Russia and the US should be conducted Regular and professional. According to the Kremlin, the network attacks are actually a big challenge that both Russia and the United States must face. Russian leaders also pointed out the two sides needed "special data sharing channels" between muscles Related concerns of the two countries and emphasize Russia willing to address network criminal activities along with the US.

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