Russian Defense Ministry: Buk-m2k System And Pantsir-s Shot Loss 22 Israeli Missiles

Israeli's night attack on Syria is supposed to be inefficient even though Israeli aircraft are shielded by the civil aircraft, preventing Syria without attacking. Sam Buktheo defense system Russia, night August 20, the Buk-2ME air defense system and Syria's Non-Pantsir-S air defense system shot down 22 Israeli missiles. Meanwhile at least 2 Israeli missiles pass the system, but thanks to the use of electronic pressure system, they do not hit the target. Therefore there is no destruction, damage or casualties in Syrian soldiers. RIA Novosti said, "Syrian air defense force uses Buk-M2E and Pantsir-S combinations because Russia has destroyed 22 Missile shot by Israel at Syria

. "Before that, there was information that Israeli Air Force made a powerful attack, shot 24 stealth missiles into Syria. Although there was no Russian assistance, all of these missiles were successfully discovered and at least 22 missiles were shot down.

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