Russian Deputy Minister Replied To The West Wants To Buy More Gas

Deputy Minister Andrey Rudenko emphasized Russia does not use NORD STREAM-2 pipes for political purposes such as Western sarrinism. Forced from the West aimed at the Russian gas pipeline project. NORD STREAM-2 pipeline project has been completed with technical parts. According to him, Russia will not use the NORD Stream-2 gas pipeline for items Geography, the project only has an economic meaning for Moscow. "Nord Stream-2 is just an economic project

. We will not use it in any geopolic calculations. We don't Needing it "- Mr. Rudenko said
Ong Rudenko said, during the decades, Russia's cooperation with Europe in the field of gas has shown that Moscow has never used gas as a tool to cooperate Dynamic to political processes. Tung Andrey Rudenko affirmed that Russia is willing to use all possibilities to meet the needs of Europe even after the air transport contract Ukraine expires in 2024. Russia has repeatedly declared that if there is a request from European partners, Russia is ready to use Ukraine's gas transport system to supply gas. The current contract will expire in 2024. After 2024, everything will depend on the gas mass that European consumers need. This father once again reminiscent of senior security advice on security Energy of the US Department of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Amos Hochstein recently asked Russia to strengthen gas supply through Ukraine for Europe. Russia's Gazprom Group refused to add gas volume transportation through Ukrainian territory In October, it was described by the US official as "causing concerns". Amos Hochstein said that energy pipelines run through the territory of Ukraine enough capacity to continue supplying gas to European countries. "Russia has repeatedly stated that they have enough gas reserves to do this, so if these statements are true, Moscow should do as quickly as possible through Ukraine" - Mr
Hochstein stressed. , A representative of the US Foreign Affairs also said that Moscow is trying to start the NORD Stream-2 gas pipeline as soon as possible. And how to limit through Ukraine T Conditions for Russia increase pressure on European countries to promote licensing for pipes. However, in fact this is a trade contract between a Russian and European company. The increase in additional gas pumps depends on commitments and agreements between the two sides, not being able to promote by political measures. Many European countries continue to object to the pipelines Russian gas, especially Nord Stream-2 because they consider them a "geopolitical weapon". But in the context of the winter coming soon in Europe, it has changed. American, International Energy Agency (IEA) also requires Russia to enhance gas supply to Europe to supplement "full" Storage facilities.Iea acknowledged that Russia was fully implementing the obligations under the gas supply contract, but this organization believed that Moscow should do more to provide energy for Europe and demonstrate His reputation as a reliable manufacturer. The gas price in Europe has increased to break the record in mid-September, futuristic contract prices according to the Netherlands TTF at the present time reaching 963, 9 USD / 1 thousand cubic meters. Lai Lam

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