Russian Engine Serves Usa: 10 Rd-170 Technology For Elon Musk

Americans acknowledge: Successful history on their universe begins with betrayers in Russia's heart ... 0:00 / 9: 02 NAMTHINES INTRODUCTION INTRODUCTION TO YOU REFRESS TO YOU READING THE MONITORT Introduction) of Russian military expert Aleksandr Sitnhikov to refer to. Post in newspaper "Svobodnaia Pressa" on September 17, 2021

. Photo in the post is by the author.Pop: Mikhail Metzel / Tass "Roscosmos" (Russian Space Agency) issued a release indicating that the agency has completed the second RD-171MV engine test for push missiles "Soyuz -5 ". At the same time, "Roscosmos" also said the test was successful
Next, this engine will be taken to the city of Samara and where the "Progress") rocket center ("progress") will be installed Assemble the first floor of the missile-carrier (push missile) "Soyuz-5", then the engine will be tested again. Igor Arbuzov, General Director of Science and Production Group " Energomash "said:" Rocket - Vehicles carrying "Soyuz-5" is being assembled can bring up to 17 tons of useful loads on orbit low near Earth, and if the floor is used to accelerate - bring 5 Tons (useful loads) on geological forwarding orbits, and 2.5 tons on geostatic orbit. This is a versatile missiles that can solve many different tasks. He continues: "Our Enterprise (" "Energomash,") strictly comply with plans - the timeline production engine to By 2023 the "Soyuz-5" missile could begin to fly. Currently, the next RD-171MV engines are being assembled at our assembly workshops, and manufacturing workshops are continuing to produce details for parts of the engines that will be assembled next year ". To be able to understand what the" monster "- this 10 ton rd-171mv engine is, please say that its capacity is 246,000 horsepower, ie equivalent to the capacity of two particle reactors Nhan of the aircraft carrier "Nimitz" amount of 100,000 tons of water. This power, as the calculations have shown enough to bring a universe missile with useful loads on the moon and even stars Fire. Nothing secret to say that the design of strong missile engines is a super hard task. But if carefully analyzed, Russia is currently only continuing to implement successful projects From the Soviet time
Specifically, the RD-180 and RD-191 engines are only copies of the legendary RD-170 engine to be tested by Soviet engineers from December 1984. Main Petr Lyovochkin, General Trin Hu's "Energomash" talked about this as follows: "These engines (RD-180 and RD-191) have diagrams similar to previous engines (RD-170MV), but they use the More advanced control systems, new fireproof protection methods "About themselves, RD-171MV engine - that is a version of the RD-171M / RD-170 engine was equipped for The "Zenit" missile belongs to the "Energia-Buran" program. However, basically, Russia is continuing the Soviet project for forty years but meets the new standards to handle new and use these New materials. There may be no doubt that Americans are very attentive to track our rocket designs, and this has been confirmed in the article on the Technology Review magazine of a research center The most prestigious rescue of the United States - It is the Massachusetts Mit Technology Institute. In the article "Material SPACEX and Blue Origin can best realize the Russian missile engine designs for decades before or are not?" , the author stressed that the US universe today (ie the American Space Science) is actually an extra-price child of the Soviet Union. The fake newspaper, expert Matthew Bodner explains: the era conquer The real American universe space officially started an hour before the sun dame on May 24, 2000, when an unusual Atlas 3 rocket instalized the Russian RD-180 engine was launched to the universe from the yard Launch of the US Air Force at Cape Canaveral. The problem (using Russian motors) is that at that time, May 24, 2000) The main engine type of the American Space Agency is designed in years. 1970 as Soviet engine (24/2/2000) more backward, simpler and called compressed air engine. The main difference between the US engine and the Soviet RD engine is a US engine with a degree Extremely low reliability and extremely expensive costs. That means using American engine type, it is impossible to perform a large number of launchers, but if not launched multiple times, it cannot be clustered satellite copy v A strong line (USA) is flying around Earth like today.William Anderson, a Liquid Rocket Research Specialist at Purdue University of America has clarified this issue as follows: "Functional Release Speed The amount in the missile engine is extremely big ". According to him, it is necessary to be a genius with a superior imagination can understand what crazy things are happening in the rocket's combustion chamber". Soviets, people with such superfoods are glushko (Valentin Petrovich Glushko- 1908- 1989- Scientists in the field of name

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