Russian Experts Warn Military Measures If Ukraine Restores Nuclear Conditions

In recent times, Ukrainian officials often show sorry because the country has eliminated nuclear weapons and proposes to restore an atomic powerful position, which has led to a strong reaction from Russia. Ambassador Ukraine in Germany - Mr. Andriy Melnyk recently warned the West on restoring the nuclear powers for Ukraine if the country was not approved to join the NATO military alliance in an emergency. Melnyk, the only way to get rid of the surface of a large risk from an armed conflict can only be joining NATO, and this should have been done since 2014. Foreign officials Delivered Ukraine also called for Germany to give up its neutral policies and provide support for Kiev "Really", not just "demonstrating solidarity"

. Melnyk warned If Ukraine is not accepted to join the military alliance to protect itself, Kiev will endeavor to equip military weapons, including return Raw status of nuclear tower. "Or approve to Ukraine to become a NATO member or restore the state of nuclear power", Ambassador Ukraine in Tough Germany affirmed.Theo evaluated from many troop experts In the past, Ukraine with the position of a country owns nuclear weapons in the past, they have the ability to restore this weapon in a short time if determined enough, documents, secrets, ways to build Nuclear weapons are legacy since the Soviet Union that certainly Ukrainian scientists still master, the early 1990s they only handed over to Russia of finished warheads
Because of the situation, Doctor Military Science, Reners' Reners and Artist Academy - Colonel Konstantin Sivkov commented on the ability to pay the nuclear status of Kiev. Sivkov has predicted what will happen in the school. Case Ukraine strives to recover nuclear weapons and warn heavy consequences. According to Mr. Sivkov, both Western and Russian are unable M eyes ignored the true efforts of Kiev to get this type of weapon and will perform all necessary measures to prevent the scenario. "No one allows this, and I do not exclude if Kiev Following the road to manufacture nuclear weapons, the West along with Russia will solve the problem by force, ie they will conduct a special military campaign, "said Sivkov warning. Specifically if the perspective On the occurred, "Ukrainian authorities will be removed, the centers are forecast to create nuclear weapons that will be destroyed, the Ukrainian territory will be controlled and become a protective country." , Mr. Sivkov explained. Sivkov has added, special forces can even harm those who will participate in manufacturing nuclear weapons
To make an example, he quoted Israel and other countries opposed to disseminate nuclear technology, especially for Iran. Besides, Colonel Sivkov indicates that today has no fairy conditions today Any decision to Ukraine returns to the nuclear state. The Sivkov emphasizes the fact that Ukraine has no appropriate potential, no science, no industry, they also have no capacity in the field of rocket manufacturing or plane "In order for at least bring a nuclear bomb to somewhere."

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