Russian Fighter Robot Was First Appeared In Zapad 2021 Exercise

In the video published by the Russian Ministry of Defense, two unmanned fighting models showed the firing ability to simulate enemies in the ZAPAD military exercise 2021.02: 00/1: 27 South Vietnam wars Russia's new match launches the ability to penetrate the armor, while the operator operates from a safe position on the school sports. One of the two unmanned armored combat cars is Uran-9 robot, prepared Creating like conventional tanks but remote control.uran-9 can be equipped with cannon and rocket systems, as well as infrared sensors and high-tech lasers to find and hit the target. 00: 00/00: 13 Previous of this year's ZAPAD exercise, Uran-9 rarely appears, but previous versions of this robot are said to have been active in Syria

. Uran-9 has a fire spray gun designed to burn infantry and destroy the permanent positions of the enemy. Uran-9, Nerekhta combat means also participated in the exercise, first used in Fighting squads. Nerekhta is a crawler vehicle, equipped with a central cannon, a machine gun and a grenade launcher, capable of firing directly into the opponent's positions
Russian organs said, Nerekhta Fighting Robot Designed to perform reconnaissance tasks in too dangerous areas to mobilize soldiers. The Zapad military exercise has become a regular event, with the detention of Russian soldiers and Belarus, as well as soldiers from some other countries, to improve combat ability as well as introduce new technologies ./. Hoang Pham / (translation) according to RT

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