Russian House Of Representatives: Northern Flow 2 Is Like Crimea Bridge

Mr. Vyacheslav Volodin, Chairman of Russia (House of Representatives) Russia, affirmed the implementation of the Northern Flow Project 2 (NORD STREAM 2) is equivalent to building Russian bridges with Crimea and crimes Used in European countries will benefit the most from the implementation of this project. The last pipeline of the Northern Flow Project 2 has been connected and fixed successfully on the morning of September 10. "For With Russia, Northern Flow 2 is equivalent to the construction of Baikal - Amur (BAM) railway and Crimea bridge. This is a large-scale project, within the framework of this project we will expand the market to provide its products and consumers will receive high quality and cheap gas

. In understandable, economic projects and everyone benefit from it, "Mr. Volodin wrote on Telegram. The Russian leader also noted that the project is being implemented in difficult political conditions Towels by sanctions and lobbying from the US
The Russian House of Representatives also emphasized that respect for German Prime Minister Angela Merkel because she has protected the interests of their citizens and public People of European countries. Volodin revealed Russian President Vladimir Putin was the "author" of the Northern Flow 2, from the idea to the project route. Also according to Mr. Volodin, pipelines Gas of Northern Flow 2 has a carbon dioxide emissions in atmospheres less than 5.6 times compared to gas pipelines passing through Ukraine. National President (House of Representatives) Russia Vyacheslav Volodin (right) and President Russia Vladimir Putin. Northern Luxury 2 is a cooperation project between Russia's Gazprom Huge Energy Group with European companies Uniper and Wintershall. The gas pipeline from Russia through the Baltic Sea to Germany with a length of 1,234km was built with a capacity of 55 billion cubic meters of gas every year with a total investment of an estimated 11 billion USD. Alexey Miller, owner Gazprom Gas Group recently said the final pipeline of the Northern Flow Project 2 was successfully connected and successfully fixed on the morning of September 10, whereby the pipeline construction was officially completed City. On September 13, the German Federal Network Agency (Bnetza) said it has 4 months to complete the operation license of the Northern Flow gas pipeline system 2 after receiving enough The necessary file from NORD STREAM 2 AG
bloomberg gas company cited sources for Gazprom planning to start providing "green fuel" through pipes from day 1/10. However, this plan It is supposed to be not feasible in the context of NORD Stream 2 AG has not received the approval of Bnetza.Thanh Tunheo Sputnik, Bloomberg

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