Russian President Vladimir Putin Must Be Self-isolation

On September 14, the Kremlin announced, Russian President Vladimir Putin will be isolation after some members of the accompanying team he was determined to be infected with SARS-COV-2.0: 00/1: 28 Russian president Vladimir Putin will have to be isolation in the coming days. (Source: Tass) So President Putin will not be able to go to Tajikistan this week to attend meetings of collective security treaty (CSTO) and Shanghai Cooperation (SCO). That, Russian leaders will attend events in online forms.Nga now records an average of 17,000-18,000 cases of Covid-19 every day, with the number of deaths ranging from 700-800 schools fit

. These days, Russia and the United States are the two countries that recognize the number of people killed by the world's highest Covid-19. In another news, on September 13, the White House said, US President Joe Biden will come to New York on September 21 to speak at the annual meeting of the 7th United Nations General Assembly (UN AGM) The 76th time of about 100 leaders in the world. The Washington Post and Politico, At the meeting, President Biden planned to organize an international summit dedicated to resolving the Covid-19 pandemic and the global vaccination issue
At this conference, President Biden will call Calling national heads, heads of governments and international organizations, commercial leaders, leaders of humanitarian and non-governmental organizations and commitments to end Covid-19 pandemic. However, the spokesman Kremlin Dmitry Peskov on the same day, the US has not announced details about this conference with Russia. (According to Tass, Reuters)

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