Russian Stealth Injections Welcomes The Special Guest On The Opening Day Maks-2021

Sukhoi's latest stealth fuel continues to become the focus of communication on the opening day of the International Aviation Exhibition MAKS-2021.Theo News Agency RIA Novosti, Russian President Vladimir Putin came to visit Khu Trung Showing a new generation fuel model developed by Sukhoi after attending the opening ceremony of the MAKS-2021 International Air Show yesterday 20 / 7. It is known that the display is now "Checkmate "- Translating" Shindling ", this is also the main topic of MAKS this year. Also on the opening day, communication and exhibition visitors were also allowed to inside the introduction of Sukhoi's fighter. In the session, President Putin was introduced by Sukhoi to the fighter "Checkmate "And the goal of this company in the future for this flight

.Video: President Putin visits the" checkmate "fighter display space 00: 00/00: 45 Sukhoi representative also said it will develop the sample New injuries into three different versions include: unmanned, a driver and two drivers. Each variant will meet a certain combat request. According to a Putin President Putin reports in MAKS-2021, Sukhoi's new fighter will integrate automatic support systems based on AI technology ( Artificial intelligence), helping to release the pilot from conventional operations on the plane and allow them to focus more on the main task
Also during the opening ceremony of MAKS-2021, Sukhoi has released calculations Technical function of fighter "Checkmate" According to the Director of the Russian Technical - Military Cooperation Agency (FSMTC) Dmitry Shugaev, the "checkmate" fighter model possesses clearance features, including high performance, The ability to attack and scout on a large scale, the aircraft is integrated with the latest aviation technologies and has a stealth design. Some pictures of the "checkmate" fighter on the exhibition MAKS-2021 President Putin Sukhoi representative introduces "checkmate" fighter. (Photo: Zvezda) Tra Khanh

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