Russian Su-33 Fighters Need To Be ‘smashing’ Completely

The US media said that Russia's Su-33 fighter fighters will probably need to 'beaten from the beginning', but Moscow has not found the right direction for the program to improve this fleet type. American media said the situation of Su-33 fighter in the Russian Navy Air Force payroll, is very "dangerous". Specifically, Russia's only aircraft carrier has been working for 4 consecutive years, so far, these flagess fighters have almost no martial arts land. Do not train with carriers, will also make care The ability of pilots is seriously affected. Especially in the status of the Russian navy, when the number of pilots driving the flagship, even less than the number of pilobs of the country's spacecraft

. Thanks to Business Insider deducted with Tin said, fighter Russian Su-33 will be able to be upgraded to a new version, to be more suitable for the country's future carrier. However, it is still not really real Figure, and it will be difficult to be able to upgrade the Su-33 fighter, so that it is suitable for an even not yet set by the carrier. From the early 2000s, the appearance of fighters The Su-33 has brought the Russian naval air force a championship strength, when this can be considered the type of strongest fleet in the world
At the moment, the power of the flagship fighter Su-33 remains superior to many other types of fighters. However, when Russia has no aircraft carriers, the power of Su-33 is also meaningless. The Su-33 sizing to take off from the mainland to fight is completely meaningless, due to the Russian Air Force There are many types of fighters more modern than that, can meet well in all combat conditions. In the meantime, there is a lack of carrier will cause the Su-33 fighter to appear in these Green waters - where it should have been promoted optimally, when all other aircraft of the Russian Air Force and the opponent, so I can't take off from the mainland to reach it. The designer of the Su-33 fighter stretches as a school plate. Soviet engineers have placed the first foundations for it since the 1970s of the last century. The naval fighter was built on this Su-27 version, originally set to Su -27k, then changed to Su-33 and only officially appeared in the summer of 1998 - meaning nearly 30 years after being studied. One of the best advantages of Su-33, which is It uses a lot of components from Su-27 injections, even even more replied, wingheads and motors. However, it is designed based on a fighter with a high age, will cause Su-33 gradually gets backward, requiring deep upgrades and improvement, especially about aviation electronic equipment. Analyzer evaluates that Su-33 will soon need to be upgraded in The future, however, the upgrade process must be consistent with the requirements, and the characteristics of the next carrier that Russia plans to own
If not, it is very likely during the Russian service to close the carrier New generation, this country also s It must be tried to improve flagship fighters, or even create a new version, only to match the next aircraft carrier generation. Source: Yex. Su-33 fighter scene landing "Fire" Kuuznetsov carrier runway. Source: Star. Tran Tran

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