Russian Women, Why Are They So Beautiful?

Russia belongs to the country with the most beautiful women in the world. It's great when many of their beauty secrets have been turned on by Eviemagazine magazine: 00: 00/3: 16 namtheo, Russian women often keep themselves in the highest standards of beauty. They are located 5 secrets that can be easily done at home to improve their skin and hair.1. Drying the hair in the air, the small "trick" of the usual women, after shampooing, we dry the hair with the hottest, most popular tools are the hair dryer

. However, this is not the best way for your hair. For Russian women, leaving naturally dry hair means keeping hairy hair. When the hair is slightly humid, they will apply hair styling like before twisting hair to create a natural waves
Russian women take care of the beauty of the skin and hair2. The Russian women are familiar with hair masks The number of characters influenced the beauty care industry in Russia as Model Nastasiya Ovechkina also shared his beauty secret. Nastasiya Ovechkina is famous for its smooth hair. She is a typical example of the beauty model of Russian women. In Russia, the use of self-made hair masks is passed through many generations to maintain strong hair, silky shadow. Beautiful beauty Tanya Akim said: "All Russian women are familiar with self-haired masks Preparation includes Cayenne peppers and vodka. Cayenne peppers are cut into microfibers and add 2 cups of vodka to bottles or jars. In order for this mixture in a tunnel or less light in two or three days Chili. Apply this mixture when the hair is wet, massage the scalp in a few minutes. Then anneal your hair for 30 minutes to stimulate blood circulation to develop new hairs
Make this treatment every week Once, you will definitely have jealous hair. "Russian women often nourish hair with a homemade mask3. Beauty tricks: soothe the skin with the Great Catherine Great Gallery Use the pallet on the face and neck to help reduce the puffiness every morning. If you can't stand cold, just wrap ice pellets in a thin scarf or napkin to have the same effect after washing your face and before applying moisturizing cream. There is another way to soothe the skin, that is history Use cold roller with jade. Place your jade roller into the ribbon overnight and roll it on the skin in the morning to help reduce the puffiness. Russian women often use pearl rollers to relieve headaches and face stretches. Beautiful skin with jade roller4. Using the famous beanmen beans Beager Sonya Esman, Sonya Esman once expressed her very lovingly beauty products with sea buckthorns. They contain many anti-aging and moisturizing substances. One of the regular Sonya Esman products is the hair mask of Natura Siberica based in Russia that anyone can buy on Amazon. You can also find sea buckthaps in other products such as full body exfoliating and facials.Beauty Blogger Sonya Esman5. Using the product of a milk face has ever had a cold wind blowing through your dry and cracked skin? It is a feeling of not pleasant. Our skin is drier in winter and Russia is famous for the cold winter, so Russian women are required to moisturize the skin throughout the year. Traditional cleanser types can remove oils Natural on the skin, so Russian women prefer to use milk-shaped cleanser to keep their skin soft during dry and cold winter. Small slash is to apply cleanser to dry skin to help moisturize. Some Facial cleanser products are used by Russian women as Milky Jelly Cleanser by Sephora's Milky and Fresh Soy Face Cleansing Milk of Sephora. See more videos are of interest:

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