Russia’s Most Dangerous Uaav Across The American Newspaper Perspective

The American Magazine of the US writes, in terms of features, unmanned aircraft (UAV) of Russia can match the aircraft of the US and Turkey.0: 00/1: 31 male airplane Drive (UAV) of Russia. (Source: Article named 6 types of unmanned drone aircraft capable of Russia, including Orion, Altius-U, Sirius, Helios, Grom and Okhotnik. Half of these have been produced, other UAVs are still in the development phase

.orion similar to Turkey's Bunchraktar TB2. The article said Russia's UAV has a far range, while its competitors have proven to be in combat conditions. It can be considered Altius-U similar to the RQ-4 Global Hawk and MQ- 9 Reaper America
Replicts: "There are three flight prototypes. It is expected that in 2024 will be put into operation ". According to magazines, Sirius is an enlarged Orion, reminiscent of US MQ-1 Predator. Currently, this type of UAV of Russia is still a project idea.Helios is considered to be the same type as RQ-4 Global Hawk of the US, and Grom is like US Valkyrie aircraft. Newspaper presses, as well as in In case of Sirius, both projects on Russia are just a idea project. Okhotnik's closest competitor competitor is a stealth drive RQ-170 Sentinel US and hard-to-play fighters Show F-117 Nighthawk. Russia currently has a flight prototype of this type of UAV and 3 pcs are being built. In June 2021, the National Interest wrote that unmanned aircraft reconnaissance - Okhotnik heavy attacks can cause helmem Northern Atlantic Trees (NATO) are worried. (According to The National Interest)

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