S-200 Syria For The First Time ‘catches Live’ F-35 Israel Across The Border

Syria's S-200 air defense missile system has found and tracked an Israeli F-35 in a 40 km from the border. Middle East region said that the Syrian air defense system identified decoration and tracking a fifth generation fighter F-35 I Adir of Israel, about 40 km away from the Syrian border. This is the first case with clear evidence that a stealth fighter shows Israel's F-35 was discovered by Syrian air defense system and could be destroyed if it tried to attack the territory of this country. It was informed that the Syrian army with the navigation of the air defense system The S-200 shot down a F-35 fighter aircraft at the end of 2017, but evidence of this issue has not been given the accuracy that cannot be recorded. But according to American press, Israel has sent one Report to the country, which said in mid-2018, their F-35i Adir fighter was discovered and monitored by S-200 Syria and watching the flight

. The S-200 defense system was then d Several dozen kilomotes from the Syrian border - Israel, with the remote reconnaissance range of Radar, this complex is capable of detecting F-35 from Israel soil if the plane does not take measures to prevent electric waves From. Syria did not attack Israeli fighters, but escorted it for a very long period of time, until this fighter is outside the detection area for their air defense systems. Into the data presented, the reason why Israel's F-35 fighter was found to be due to the use of aerodynamic and rocket boxes on the exterior suspension
The "stealth" technology of the fifth generation fighter, with a larger level when wearing Luneberg Lens to hide the real RCS index. In that context, the Russian side said that the system The more modern S-300 air defense is available in the Syrian military payroll will easily detect F-35, even if the fighter does not have external weapons And do not bring more fuel tanks. To reveal such information, it shows that in fighting situations, Syrian air defense can completely make the Israeli air force well equipped, Russian press concludes .Although so, there is also a straightforward idea that the discovery of Israel's F-35i Adir in a volume flight when it deliberately exposed to the actual situation in the fight. If F-35 Israel leaves all weapons as well as the outer oil barrels hanging outside and also executing the low route, taking advantage of the geographic terrain to approach the target, then the Syrian room has no way of discovery, this has been shown Many times in practice. Even in case of seeing F-35 for some special reasons, the navigation missiles of the S-200 Angara complex destroy it also have extreme probability Low. Repeat, the S-200 is a non-Soviet air defense system created primarily to fight great strategic bomber and bulky manufacturing In the 1960s, Angara's interceptor bullet was very poor, especially at a low height. F-35 Public speakers in particular or other types of fighters in general when I realized that the S-200 rocket rushed towards him Just implementing a simple performance, is enough to fool the enemy attack and keep yourself safe.

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