In the mountainous area, in Van Co village, Van Son commune (Trieu Son) has a worshiping Church of Ba Trieu, also known as the king of her (or purple) sacred long. Here are the past as the outpost of the revolt under the leadership of Mrs. Trieu against the invaders of the corn house. According to the elderly in the village, the temple has since ancient times, the spread when setting up At the mountain of Nua (in 248 BC) to combat the invaders of the corn house, Ba Trieu came to this area and chose to work as an activity area of the Army. Presentation in front of the gate to the historical line, in 248 BC , having a daughter named Trieu Thi Trinh and his brother of Million Quoc reached the land of Nun lands on the base of the revolving anti-invaders of the corn house, when passing through Van Co land (Van Son commune, Trieu Son district today ) The meaning of troops to stop in the mountainous area, and set the outpost here aimed at the Language and Control all activities before entering the main base area at Nui Nua

.After she loses, the people set up her temple and British Trieu Quoc reached at Mountain. There are also purple mountains and vicinity with the temple of the king she is a famous ruins and scenic specters of Thanh. Total into purple, Van Co village, Van Son commune
Stand on the top of the purple mountain There are several large alcohols, the large grounds attached to the elephant and batch relics, a bunch of monks ... experiencing the dynasties and characters to be worshiped at the purple coat are several times, so far Keeping 36 strengths of Phong. Dong Nguyen Tien Le, Van Son commune cadres said that Terrain of Mountain is not high compared to the sea surface, like a turtle is storing the neck to the north, Temple - The main temple is placed on the turtle neck overlooking Xuan Tien hills. Purission is ranked in the provincial-level cultural historical monument in 1993.Phai after the temple has a natural ancient water well, cool water all year round, according to people Local, this ancient wells have a long time, when making tea use a lotus smell, before drought, people in the region often come here to take water for use. Trung Le

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