Sacred Forest

Through approaching the snake's body, it was handed out of the blade, did not hesitate to swore the sword, just listen to a snake head left the neck. A blood flow sprayed up and splashing into his shirt. The guys were stunned, the expression was pale, re-met. In the latter, the sound of the sound rang, the body was broken into seven. When the sweet slashes of the sword into the body of the monster snake, from the forest, the horrific roar tore the wind took a creepy

. The team of hunting listened, but it was absolutely regardless of the sound of the animal that was scary. The leaves of the forest to open green, wants to show flowers. The animals also start out of the cave to seek food
Life is moving strongly. Days and sounds of birds to offer the Spring of Lining in the spring. They contested each other to call their partners, heard and melodious as a choir rang into the feeling of drilling. Poor and poorest villages. Also due to poverty that the grandmother had to have handed hands to the villages in and outside the commune. Now this neighborhood, the other version. Whoever she takes. There was a day she would like to get more corn and paddy not enough to take home. Send back at the Head of the hamlets that set foot in the food, another day to take. Nobody goes to eat the beggars
Song, as the person still usually says "stealing food insufficiently, eating is not full", the days she would like little. My parents are concerned, never go to eat. When the grandmother died, the house didn't worry about her clothes. Although it is only a few extra pins (the type of lovers to close the coffin) type of mediocre. Intelligence, a woman who is a beggar, but has not eaten evil with anyone ever, Uncle Nhen, the secretary of the village of the village, gave her a wooden coat of the wood that he had just given a little person Meals to close the daughter to get married. People in the village, each person closed three pounds of rice, a bottle of wine. Who has no rice, alcohol, contribute in money, my parents are worried about her grandmother to get beautiful and beautiful. In the depths of the bottom of the heart, I hope you in the golden stream will no longer have to go to beggar, miserable her body very much. Weighs heavily on their shoulders every day, two muscles on their shoulders. Each base of firewood, bringing the market to sell tens of thousands of dongs, enough to cultivate a two-day body. But maybe the whole life has to live by selling firewood? Deputy wearing fate for the forests to bring? Then the house, his wife and wife later, where to calculate, measure with a firewood? The age of his body, the boy in the naked village all had a wound, some had a family, have children all. No one does not have anyone, because the house is too poor. I don't want to, then my wife must also succumb to poor fate with a poor family. But what is the poor is evil? Poor, hungry, thirsty, suffering due to from the previous life to leave. You are not the cause of the poverty, the current hunger. At times to go out with friends, say: "Currently, my house is poor, but in the future is not sure". My friends don't say anything. Poor, must be charged, must be calculated from the poverty. It is impossible to expect for help, to wait into the hearts of the people in the village. Forest will then be depleted. Land cultivated, then it will be until barren. * Yes and she stands in front of a three-storey house painted in green moss. Willing calling the door call. After a while, a sixty-year-old woman, the small body opened the gate. She saw her Lieu, the face stretched out smiled, very happy. - You willow it. Pleasecome in. Invite to the house - She proved to go and go to me - Lieu told him. Go to the living room, all three people sit down. She rushed to offer guests. Suddenly she looked still. Like understanding her ideas, Lieu said: - This is my grandchild, I told my family to play at least a few days. I am a one hour, then put the cup of water on the side, say: - I drink Water go.- Yes, I thank you. She kept leaving me naturally.- Not yet returning to you? - Lieu said .- It's going home. It's probably only ten minutes to go back. Not to spend the words, in the yard, there was a car parked. Wake up to take a car, leisurely go into the house. Hello the mother, turn to her willow and say like ringing: - Oh, she will come to himself. Who else? - I just have it. This is blurred, I'm bothered to play. I and Ms. Lieu talks to each other very naturally. As if they were a close family, they knew each other for a long time. When knowing is the brother of Tuyen, the more open, the enthusiasm is more recited. He was glasses, an hour of writing him, two hours of claiming to me, as if the house. While he was more than five years old. In his eyes, he is a successful man. The successor who has no wife, has a strange child. People like him on themselves, they will have a block of her running away, disappointing it. But this, he is ... - Ms. Lieu, I have this offer like this. Sometimes you are on this side to play, know n

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