‘safe Environment’ Content Is Drawn To Receive Talent And Turn The Competition

On the morning of August 15, the chemistry team of the People's Army (QDND) Vietnam and the team of the countries attended the draw, receiving equipment, weapons and weapons to serve the practice and competition ' Safety Environment' Each team is randomly drawn to choose 3 NBC reconnaissance cars, 18 submachine guns QBZ-95 and receive 3 chemical reconnaissance machines, 3 radioactive reconnaissance machines, skin tonnage , Respiratory Preventing Masks and infantry equipment according to the payroll of the "Safe Environment" exam NBC. With the Organizer. After receiving the handover of 3 NBC reconnaissance vehicles and equipped with other weapons, technicians and athletes, drivers have explored features, techniques, equipment, dance gas and test drive to get acquainted with NBC reconnaissance. Does the teams attend the content of "safe environment" have fully received equipment, weapons and NBC reconnaissance vehicles according to the subject regulations exam. Starting from the next week, the teams are allowed to access school sports and implement training, adaptive practice to be ready for the first official competition date

. Member of Vietnam Flag Paste Chemistry of Vietnam People's Army has been drawn. The Uzbekistan team brings weapons to storage in warehouses. The technician and driving the chemistry team of Vietnamese People's Army to check the car
Talent of the "Safe Environmental Environment" to unify the issues of the Sports Festival and Lottery Lottery of the teams in the first section named "single exam". The fight is similar to when the drawing of weapons is equipped with: Round 1 lottery number; Round 2 The teams according to the order number are the result of the first round on the draw. Russian team conducted lottery. The chemical recruitment of the Vietnam People's Army put weapons on storage in warehouses. Lottery results: 2 The official car competition of the Vietnam People's Armyemian team will play in the second match, compared to the Chinese host country's car and in the fourth match with the opponent from Belarus. Thus, the team's opponents are the teams that are rated as "seeds" of the "Safe Environment" exam .Kien Cuong (from Korala, Xinjiang, China)

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